September 30, 2011

Two Trends I'm Sick Of!

Let's talk fashion trends for a moment. First I want to begin by saying what a big impact Stardoll seems to have on our fashion tastes. I've fallen in love with so many different styles, and not just because some of them were trendy. In fact, it's some of the trendiest things that I despise the most. 

First up is the "Cross Trend" as I like to call it. 

Ever since Lady GaGa decorated herself and her music videos with crosses, I've seen them become a widespread phenomenon. People are wearing cross necklaces(like the one shown above), t-shirts and even shaving crosses into their hair. A common thing on Stardoll is to decorate your doll's face with moles in the shape of cross. That I think I hate the most.

And to be clear, I don't dislike this trend simply because I'm Atheist. I also hate the inverted cross trend, which didn't first symbolize satanism. While many view it as a "satanic symbol", the inverted cross was first called the cross of St. Peter, who refused to be hung in the manner of Christ. Which many mistook as an opposition to Christ.

Back to the point. My reason for disliking the cross trend is simply because I view it as a symbol of faith for all religious followers. I believe if you wear a cross, it should be because you're proudly showing your faith for whatever vision of God you believe. 

If you love the trend because you love God, that's great!
I still don't like it. -.-'

Next on my list is something I am seriously angry about. xD

the scene trend

First of all, I want to give you a history lesson. The term scene actually refers to people that were in constant support of their music scene. Mainly local bands in their area. But it could also refer to the genre of music. Basically, scene kids went to every show they could, in support of their bands, local or not. So in lamer terms, being scene wasn't something that you had to dress a certain way for. It was  a "label" you adopted by loving music and loving to support it.

Not long after came the scene fashion trend, as shown above. I absolutely hate this trend! The hair is one of the most annoying parts about it. I absolutely love hair, fake or real. But this hair and haircut in particular makes me laugh. Mainly because it's a different take on a mullet.

It's even called a fashion mullet.  xD
Basically what you do is cut your hair in the style shown above, dye it crazy colors and you're cool(: Also, if you have a bunch of hair bows from when you were four, that adds to the cool factor. Next thing you need to do to achieve the scene style is to acquire the tightest pair of skinny jeans you can find. Neon colors are nice. Then you should visit the children's section of any store that sells Carebear, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, or any other character on a t-shirt. To top the look off add a belt, but don't put it through the loops! You can also add some colorful necklaces earrings or bracelets. Or you add a ton of all three! The more the merrier, right?

I have a feeling all the "scene" kids out there are going to be real upset with me. Well I've got news for you, oh colorful one, you're not actually scene if you don't actively support your music.


  1. I HATE the cross trend too! I'm a Muslim & I have NOTHING against any sort of relegion, whatsoever these days people only wear it because its trendy not because it has a meaning behind it, the other day one of my class mates was wearing a cross and everyone knew she wasn't Christian, so that REALLY annoys me!!!! If you were the cross to show that you're proud of your relegion that's TOTALLY cool, but if you're wearing it for the fact of it being a trend then that's just wrong.

    Also, for the scene I strongly dislike the whole look for 'emos, scenes, gothics etc...' BUT for the hairstyle I believe that's an opinion. In my personal opinion you don't have to be labeld as 'scene kid' just because you wear that hairstyle.

  2. Eeeek! That mullet picture makes me want to poke out my own eyes! Yuck.

    I agree with you on both trends-- they've gotta go. And the cross thing wasn't even cool in the 80's when Madonna was doing it. Come to think of it, mullets were also popular in the 80s and also NOT COOL.

  3. I hate both of those trends.

    As a Christian I think that it's so horrid of people to wear a cross to look 'cool', or just because it's in 'fashion'! Why wear it it it's pointless?? If a real Christian wears a cross I have nothing against it.. but as a fashion accessory? NO!

    And the scene... Ugh... how you they even walk out of the house like that?!?

    P.s. I do not intend to offend anyone. This is my own opinion. Everyone has different opinions...

  4. I'm not scene but I still like to wear clothes like that. I love cute things and bright colours, and with people saying that they hate this style is actually making me feel pretty bad about myself. I'd never openly tell anyone that they should or shouldn't dress such and such a way. I don't wear hello kitty t-shirts just to be "cool", I wear them because I really like hello kitty. Heck, people give me shit about my clothes all the time, even some of my friends, but I still wear them. This is probably proof to me that I don't do it to be cool. None of my friends dress like that anyway, so I'm not trying to impress them.

  5. I like crosses. I'm not religious at all and I never associate them with religion if i wear them, and I don't wear them because they're trendy, I just happen to think they look nice.

  6. I personally have nothing against both trends, but I'm not too in to them either. Scene can be cute to be honest, and crosses are just another symbol to me. The same as a heart, star, peace sign, ect. It really doesn't bother me. I don't believe in religion either, so maybe that affects something.

  7. I don't appreciate either styles myself. The cross trend is just ridiculous, and I'm just not a fan of "scene". I don't mind others' dressing up in bright clothes and looking a bit cartoony but I wouldn't choose it for myself.
    My signature styles are vintage and boho. I get called "granny" because of my dress sense, while others would describe it as classy. So you just have to accept that opinions vary and people will have something bad to say no matter how you dress.

  8. @Sakutaro

    Aw, I wasn't trying to make you feel bad about yourself. The t-shirts can be cute and if just worn because you generally like the character on the shirt, I have nothing against that. I was just saying that the main reason "scene" girls wear them is because it's part of the fad. And I love bright colors as well. I just sort of feel like "scene" style is ripped off of Japanese fashion. And I like some parts of that fashion.

  9. Very interesting column. I agree that everyone has their own opinions. I'm just hoping that the kids who are into either/both of the trends you mentioned are not feeling bad about themselves for being into it.

    I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination, BUT the cross is a symbol. That's what it is. A symbol. If I choose to wear it and I am not a Christian, it is because I like the symbol. Period.

  10. Thanks for that Aislin! I actually am a huge fan of Japanese style / Harajuku / lolita, and I always try to incorporate something Japanesey into my outfits without looking too flashy xD

  11. Uugh I hate both trends. I think it looks horrible. I'm a christian and dislike how people wear crosses as a fashion statement. It frustrates and annoys me,I hate it x

  12. I love this post...The cross trend ian't cool as a christian i dilike it We wouldn't wear hijabs or kippas for fashion that HAS to stop

  13. First of all, I am kind of 'offended' by the cross trend... Christianity is not my mother's religion, and I don't really believe in the whole aspects of Christianity.

    I don't like the scene trend either... you would get a kick out of all the 7th graders at my school, they try SOO hard to look cool, and I remember there is this one girl who has this really ratty dirty-black hair, with this fugly bow in it... LOL

  14. I actually hate how the cross has become a gothic symbol. I mean what's up with that? As a christian you are pure and faithful, when I think christianity I think "white", however, when you go into Fallen Angel or see any goth on the street you see the cross. Goth, to me, eqauls: black, skulls, death. However this may be only our goths, no offence to anyone related to goths

  15. I love your sarcastic take On scene kids. •_•

  16. Remember people, it is possible to get your point across without being offensive.

  17. Personally, I am a very respectful and dedicated Christian that takes my religion very seriously, but I don't find the cross to be a huge offense to my religion. I mean, I don't really like people wearing it to just symbolize a trend and not an actual purpose like their Faith, because that is the only reason I would wear a cross as a necklace, to represent my respect and my religion.
    The Scene trend is just ridiculous to be honest. I mean, here in England I don't think it is 'in' right now because I haven't seen teenagers do that in my area, but I have seen these cheesy people in other countries, trying to look 'cool' with their really wierd outfits. I guess it is an original trend as long as it's not exaggerated or taken too far with trying to be cool and not actually liking what your wearing.

  18. i find that offensive.
    im scene

  19. I love the Unholy cross its pretty and simple when you don't put gems etc. on it too dress it up. Lady gaga Didn't have the unholy cross? She has the real thing, So that's a Invalid statement. I don't think I've ever in my life seen her with one?

  20. I have a cross necklace that I wear on Stardoll, and I wear it because it reminds me of a gift from my brother, who is now in the Army. The cross on the original necklace had "Have faith" written on it, which is powerful to me. My brother asked me to have faith and him, and spiritual faith. But the mullet hair I dislike, but I do like neons and Hello Kitty, because i actually LIKE Hello Kitty.

  21. The cross trend can go for all I care, it's pretty stupid in my opinion. XD

    I have to say that I don't hate the scene trend because as long as they are original and don't just do it for attention, it's fine. My style is a bit of a toned down version of the scene trend, you might see the occasional bow in my hair, or a Hello Kitty shirt if I feel like it... but nothing too extreme. :p

    Fashion is all about self expression though... let people wear what they want to wear without question!

  22. I'm not Christian so I don't tend to wear the cross, and I completely understand why would someone get offended. So, I don't really like it when someone wears the cross without being loyal to the meaning behind it.


  23. I don't mind the cross style, I hate the inverted cross though. People thinking it's cool, and you wear it as an atheist or whatever.
    It bugs me when I see it all over tumblr.
    I'm not religious at all, yet I'd never wear an inverted cross.

    I like the scene style. Personally I wouldn't try out the scene style but I think it's cute. Once the clothes aren't horribly mix matched... and the hair style isn't to crazy. I love how they're so colourful too.

    Everyone's just different.
    There's no point in wishing these styles to leave... they'll probably always be around.

  24. I am Christian, but it doesn't bother me. I think the cross trend and the scene trend are really cute. I love wearing neon green jeans with a plain white tee and a cross necklce with tons of multi colored bracelets and a bow. I don't necassarally where the cross for my religion, just because I think it's a beautiful symbol. I love neon and bright colors, and I like hair bows and hello kitty.
    I find this post kinda disrespectful because I dont wear this as a trend, no one I know dresses like this honestly, I just think it's pretty.

  25. I myself quite like the cross trend. I dont like wearing upside-down crosses as I go to a christian school and if I was to ever show up at school wearing an upside-down cross I know I would be in trouble. For this reason I dont wear any crosses to school out of respect for my teachers and fellow students who do wear crosses to show their faith, because I know that I am not wearing them for that reason.

    As for scene, its fun to look at but its a bit crazy.


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