September 25, 2011

X-Factor Peep Show

Hello my little lily pads. I am back with another opinnated post, sort of like for For Or Agaianst is, but this is NOT that big of and issue.

The problem? - This X Factor 'x-rated' audition that was on earlier this week.

 It is censored, but I suggest you to not watch it if you are faint of heart by nudity.

(I suggest you turn up your computer & YouTube volume if you would like to hear the full audition and what the judges have to say, though I could have gone without the song..)

Basically, explaining the video, the contestant, Geo Godley, (Ironic name right?), wearing a shiny velvet matching shirt and pants, and a tye-dye shirt underneath that, and a lovely ponytail to match performed his very own song, 'I'm A Stud ', which is, you guessed it, about how much of a stud he is. And in the middle of his song, he proceeded to undo his pants and let them fall to the ground (some people say he was wearing a g-string, but I am not sure) and danced around a bit while the judges and crowd were either horrified or laughing.


And eventually, Paula Abdul got so sick by it, she went to a bathroom, and the judges were not taking his singing seriously and even L.A. Reid said, “that was offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting — get him out of the building please!”

And after the man's performance was done, he stated, “I was in key, everything was going well. My pants were down and I was jumping around and all of a sudden the audience turned against me. I don’t know what happened. I thought they’d like it.”


Now the X-Factor's producers are being hit with an FCC complaint for the vulgar performance and people are bothered by what they thought would be a family show, turning out to not be 'appropriate' in the least.

And that producers are the ones who chose to let the performance air on television, let alone be as long as it was, so they are getting hit with that claim of crude displays.


My opinion on the matter that I actually thought it was funny, but its because I didn't see it when it aired on TV, so I suggest that a person who saw that and wasn't aspecting it would have been more shocked than I was.

But it was also very disgusting, though I laughed, I laughed because it was nasty and gross (like if you laugh at stuff on the movie or show Jackass), NOT because I thought he was funny, cool, awesome, or a stud.

Some people are talking about that Paula over-reacted about the whole thing, and talk about how she has been 'around ' too many times to have been offended by a penis, if you catch my drift. And others say it was all staged. But to me, it was just some troll on national American television who had a high self esteem.


So I am asking you guys, what do you deem the performance?

Was it sickening to view, stupid, or hilarious for you?

What do you think about how the producers allowed that performance to happen and that it was aired on prime time television?

Love, Dei


  1. He's just a total dumbass in all honesty, staged or not. I mean, even if I was paid, I would never strip half naked on television for the world to see! I have absolutely nothing against nudity, I don't care how hippy that sounds, I just think it's all natural, so why not? xD But seriously, kids watch this and I doubt that anybody wanted to see that wretched performance >.> Not only did it most likely not gain viewers, it probably made people stay away from it. You know how overly sensitive people can be o.o

  2. I mean yes, it was gross, and that guy was disgusting but it making her "Sick to her stomach" and throw-up was just her way of being a diva, and wanting the attention back on her.

  3. I was sitting on the couch with my 5 year old sister when this episode came on. At first I was like," Lol he's such a dumbass," but then off the pants went, and same went with Paula. That was kind of divaish, but getting the cameras off of him was a pretty good stunt for her. At least I could let go of my sister's eyeballs, she was scratching me. Anyways, that guy gets a big thumbs down, and so does the show.

  4. Her puking was her attention seeking.Yes it was gross and desgusting but it was cencored on the tele. Some family films have censored nudityin.

  5. OMG, I was half laughing and half worried like "woah that dude needs some serious help"
    It was only funny to the extent of his comments after his performance.

    And does anyone know when the results for Lia's competition will be up? It was meant to be up on the 17th Sept?

  6. On the UK one I sat down with my dinner to watch the first auditions just to be confronted with some average looking bloke pulling down his trousers to show off his ass. It wasn;t censored either, and put me right off my curry.

  7. Quite frankly it's disgusting. I have nothing against nudity but there's a time and place for it. Stripping on television show with a primary audience of families and young children is totally innapropriate. It's a controversial topic but I have agree that he took it to far. x

  8. I don't know about the US x factor, but in the x factor there's always censored nudity and it's still shows before the watershed. It wouldn't be a typical series of audition without someone flashing on stage.

  9. Amazing post with good pictures, Dei.

    I must say, I am completely against this being aired on television. It's totally ridiculous in my opinion.

  10. Lol I agree with Megan [momijigal].
    The fact that I couldn't see it made it a little more calm.
    At least we couldn't actually see it, it was covered but I feel bad for the people in the audience. Who knows, maybe Paula had a reason if it's that nasty. He just looks like a plain mess so I can't imagine what he was showing.

    Gabrielle: I just read your comment, and it wasn't censored? That's disgusting.

  11. @Shay: Nope, just a nice old close up of a bum crack and his butt cheeks with girls' names tattooed on.

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  13. ...I don't see the big deal. We have weird and nekkid acts on the UK X Factor (and Britain's Got Talent) pretty often, and we don't go around clutching our pearls and bringing out the smelling salts.

    I think it's pretty funny, it's much more entertaining than people who can actually sing.

  14. I was watching the show on TV and I was pretty shocked when I saw it. There is honestly no way that was an accident. He is just someone trying to get attention and by airing that, the producers are reinforcing that type of behavior!

    I don't think it was too mature for the at home audience, but I can only imagine the outrage of the live audience, who had no censor to cover that up.


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