October 10, 2011

Bring Dollywood Back


Dollywood, like any properly functioning community, needs not only relevant businesses and entertainment, but successful businesses an entertainment. For instance, Dollywood was created in the likeness of fabulous parties, gorgeous socialites and oodles of gossip. Corresponding activities and well oiled companies that provide those activities are vital for maintaining the livelihood of Dollywood.

While the venues, businesses, and entertainment sources listed below may already be in affect, they clearly aren't making a big enough impact. For example, any one person can create a magazine. However, creating a magazine that will prosper and be successful isn't a task that just anyone can take on.

One of Dollywood business owners biggest faults is not following through. I believe that it's safe to say that I am not the only one who is guilty of dropping a project like it's last season Versace. The excitement from creating a project isn't always enough to get you through the long haul. And on average, newly created Stardoll projects die out in the first few months. These first few months are crucial to a projects success. Those months should be the time in which you're supporting and promoting your project the most.

Another issue we seem to have with our projects is lack of planning beforehand. In our rush to produce a finished project, we often times skimp on the most important of things. And more often than not, we don't think things through. Without proper planning, almost any project you create is doomed to fail.

Event Planner/Party Guru
While everyone may be successful at having a good time when they attend a party, creating the perfect party and making it a success is an entirely different story. Over the course of Dollywood's uprising, there have been many event planning venues. Most recent is The Chimera(owned by To_Royal). And while it was a modest success, it wasn't something that people will be remembering for years to come.

Dollywood needs a successful event planner/party guru. This person would be responsible for planning, promoting, and sometimes hosting major parties or events for their clients. Skills and traits a person would need for this job would be:

-Upbeat & Optimistic Personality

Having a charismatic person promoting your party is key. They will be responsible for instilling excitement in potential guests. And we all know that without guests there is no party. Being an assertive person with an eye for perfection is also very key. Being assertive prevents someone from being walked all over. Whether it be by the graphic designer who is creating the invitation or the out of hand client who has unrealistic expectations. Making sure your event planner is a perfectionist is very important, because having someone who is okay with minor errors means they'll eventually allow larger errors to slide. And guests who are expecting the best will nitpick at every aspect of your event. Organizational skills are one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of a perfect event planner. Let's face it, having someone plan your party who can't remember what day it is or where they left their half eaten sandwich is a sure sign of a bad time.

Gossip Go-Getter
Over Dollywood's evolution, gossip has become the key fact or in keeping livelihood. While there are many gossip blogs, and a few that over the course of their existence, have been outstanding, a gossip blog is nothing without gossip to keep it alive. And lately Dollywood has been having a gossip drought, so to speak. However, that doesn't mean that there is no gossip. There just aren't people willing to go get it! I think we've all learned that sitting around and complaining isn't going to get the gossip gorge spouting again. That's why Dollywood needs a gossip go-getter! And not just anyone can take on this job. Here are a few things you might need to get it done.

-Poker Face
-Refined Writing Skills

A gossip go-getter is like a reporter for a great news station. They don't just stumble upon juicy news; they have to go get it! Hence the term gossip go-getter. Having guts makes a difference. You have to be willing to get down and dirty to get a story. And sometimes you even have to put on a poker face. wiggling your way into someone's personal life is often times a great way to get news. So having a quiet conscience is important. If you're the type to feel scummy after deceiving someone, being a gossip-go getter is not for you. Ambition is extremely important. Just because you love gossip, doesn't mean you're going to be willing to do what it takes to get it. And I don't mean making up fake gossip. That's like fake breasts. They look like the real thing, but when you feel em' up, you just don't get the desired effect. So being ambitious and willing to seek out those who you believe have the juiciest stories to tell is important to keep the gossip flowing. Lastly, it's all about delivery. Anyone can write a story, but writing a story that people cling to isn't as easy as it looks. Having refined writing skills and an extensive but understandable vocabulary is key in turning a simple statement into an elaborate story.

Dollywood's Vogue
Dollywood has had quite a few great magazines! Great stories, great graphics and great fashion. But after a while, that magazine seems to die out. And it isn't always because the magazine is poorly done. Sometimes the owner loses interest or the graphic designer flakes out. There could be hundreds of reasons why a Stardoll magazine stops production. When it's a poorly done magazine, no one seems to care, but when it's something you're always dying to read, seeing it go is a bit heart-breaking. The best writers, graphic designers, fashionistas and editors need to band together to create something that will continuously knock Dollywood's stilettos off! Of course, that's easier said that done. With such a diverse community, the best Dollywood has to offer aren't always on the same page.


With all the right people in place, two key factors need to bind them together. Commitment and organization. If there is a shred of doubt in anyone's mind, it needs to be washed away. Being committed to something, especially a magazine is of great importance. When you're swamped or just down and out, remembering the final outcome is a great way to get your head back in the game. And no magazine can come together without good organization. Timelines, realistic deadlines and connection between team members should be a first priority. One day, if the stars align and the magazine dream team comes together, we'll be astounded by what they create.

There are so many more things I would love to add, but I'm at risk of constructing a novel here, so if this receives good feedback, I'll make a second post!

And lastly, I hope that one days these dreams can become a reality, and we can get Dollywood back on track. And hopefully restore it to greatness.


  1. wow, this was a great post.
    I admit i have made (and abandoned) a few projects. None of them have worked out. I guess now, if i really want to have a sucsessful blog, I should really become more organized and follow through with it.

  2. Awesome! These tips will get people motivated for sure! I really REALLY really want Dollywood back!...Mostly because I wasn't here when it was in his prime and now I'm stuck reading old PSG posts. That is so sad. and Pathetic.

  3. I'm fairly new to Stardoll, but have made it my habit to have looked up old blogs, zines, fashion lines, projects, etc. just out of interest. I've listed many of them on my blog. You are right-- 99% of them get abandoned.

    I think the reasons for this you listed are germane; this is a game mostly populated by young people who a) go onto do "real life" stuff (which is fine, real life always takes precedence over a game) or b) are flighty and lack stamina and the ability to follow through. (And there's nothing wrong with that, the world needs "ideas" people too.)

    The few examples out in Dollywood that do still "work" have in place the qualities you mention: time management, commitment, and that rare gift of "not taking on too much at once". If we can couple all those good qualities with professionalism, a high standard in presentation both in terms of writing (at a level that even a high school graduate might be expected to possess, or hiring editors that can fix some rough spots) and getting reliable graphic artists who can use programs other than GIMP or MS Paint and understand proportion and shading/highlighting and such then we'd have some really fine products. For this we'd need managers who can manage-- not rule-- workers who do what it is to which they've committed, and active "advertising" meaning at a grass roots level all the way up to Stardoll corporately endorsed projects. It can be done.

    The part I like least of the current state of Dollywood is when certain people try to monopolise the whole scene-- a modeling agency (staring them of course), a magazine, organising a personal fashion event, a graphics company based around low-quality graphics manipulation attempts and campaigning hard to win CG or whatnot every spare moment... then rapidly burning out. It's a good object lesson. There are lots of talented people playing this game, and with less cronyism and more recognition of the talents & skills of others in spite of biases like ageism, sexual orientation or gender, racism etc. we could really have a vibrant place to live our Dollywoood dreams. All it takes is a shared vision, cooperation, and the ability to realistically know what you can do (schedule-wise, in real life & gamewise) and be able to stick to it.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic!

  4. Don't really care, just come on to dress up dollies.

  5. For some reason, this post just seems like a perfect outline for "brand". As in a blog that has magazines, parties, gossip etc.

  6. ^^ I agree. It's something different but something soo similar to what's already out there. It would be great to see one ever-lasting brand.

    Thing is, times change and people cna't keep up with it or people don't like the changes. It's a hard market.. But this could be the thing Stardoll needs... Some good old fabulous fun times all mixed into one place, one blog ;]

    - Megan

  7. Wow! You kind of gave me an idea...
    But well, it's a very very very good post Aislin... I want another one!!! :P

  8. Well people are always asking how to get known on this site, and here we have it. A perfect outline. People need to stop complaining and get moving. "Be the change you wish to see in the world"

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  10. The issue many people face is that they are too afraid to take a chance on a new, innovative project for fear it may fail. The first step is transforming an idea into reality. The absolute worst case scenario is that it does not work out. If that becomes the case, remember this: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

    If the members of Stardoll put forth reasonable effort, 2012 will be the year of the Dollywood Renaissance.

  11. I've started a new blog called 'Bringing Back Dollywood.'

    The Dollywood of Stardoll has been such a shun to us all recently, now we are ready to bounce back and overcome the lack of new projects, blogs and goodness knows what. Starting here is the start of the revival of Dollywood.

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    You'll have a chance to show of your talent, undiscovered graphic designers, all-new projects and more.

  12. Wow, truly inspiring, where can I sign up? LOL

  13. Its the critisms from CERTAIN PEOPLE remeber tylerisbold he slammed everyones magazine or project and hyprocritically his modeling agency turned out to be a massive FLOP!


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