October 12, 2011

The Dark Ages

We are living in the dark ages of Stardoll.

Throughout history this time period was also known as the middle ages. This time period got its name because it was between the classical age and the renaissance. 

If I continue the comparison, that means that Dollywood's "classical" age was 2008-2010. This was a time period when new ideas flourished, and there was always intrigue. For those of you who were not yet a part of Dollywood then (and I was just barley) this time period is something of a conundrum. We sit around here waiting for the intrigue, but we are barley satiated. 

But wait! If we're in the the dark ages now, does that mean the renaissance is soon to follow?

Hypothetically, yes.

The word Renaissance means re-birth. Historically it was a time period in which people in the dark ages took a new found interest in the classical age and way of thinking. All that was in the classical age was restudied, and reevaluated. Great progress and new discoveries were made.

Now I'm not saying that we're all a bunch of numb skulls who think the earth is flat, or that we're going to make a sculpture of a naked guy that will be copied for centuries to come to embarrass small children and adults alike. I'm saying that we need to look back on what was successful in the past, and make it our future.

In the comments of Aislin's post "Bring Dollywood Back" Lolababy90 said she was inspired, but asked "Where [she could] sign up". I think everyone wants to make Dollywood better, wants to see it reborn, but maybe some just can't figure out how. Another comment by Coolgirl185 showed promise. She has stared a blog for the "revival of Dollywood". Hmm, revival is awfully similar to rebirth. Is our renaissance beginning? If you want to jump on board I'd say that coolgirl185's blog is a good place to start.

We all know that gossip was a big part of out classical days. People have been complaining about this gossip drought for months, but is that over too? I felt strangely hopeful when I came across Victoria.94's new gossip blog. It's "pure honesty", I think dollywood could use some of that. Maybe all it takes to turn things around is a little determination. 


It was called the dark ages because, once the renaissance began, there was a realization of just how wrong the actions and thinking during that time period were. 

I have one final question: When will we realize the error in  our ways?


  1. Very well written and thought up post. And might I say, you are very right. Back when I joined in 2006, Stardoll was very different. Between 2008-2010 changes did happen causing Stardoll to be the site that we all truly love. I think that in order for us to enter the "Renaissance" period you mentioned though, we as the user need to move past several problems.

    The Renaissance was truly a spectacular period in time. The advances that were made in that time were from art to literature to religion to society. To relate that time of greatness back to Stardoll, we need to advance everywhere too. Getting past this rut we are in will not get us there. We need to bring new ideas, new people, new everything to really enter into the "Stardoll Renaissance" that is so badly wanted.

  2. Well said!

    Allow the professional historian in me to pontificate for a moment.


    Without the Black Plague, we'd never have had the Renaissance. The loss of so much of the population did away with outmoded ideas such as feudalism, promoted innovation and provided the rise of the individual to greater heights, no longer "mere, unthinking serfs". So by way of analogy, perhaps we've had a bit of black death here in Dollywood over the past few years. Shall we see rebirth? I hope so!

    Even modern parallels to the collapse of Dollwood fit the modern global mentality of the recent GFC and then the new changes occurring in many countries now-- protests, a push by the disenfranchised to make changes, etc. And here and now we find our Stadolly selves pushing for change-- is the the "Dollywoood Spring"? Again, I hope so.

    Kudos to those who are taking steps to bring it all back. Aislin, Lia, the new bloggers, etc. We can all do more, and we can organise-- let's make a focal point to organise, brainstorm, etc. To this end I offer a place to do all of this. It'll be just "plain Jane" for now, time to work up fancy graphics and other bells & whistles. Baby steps.

    Here's the address-- http://sddollywoodren.blogspot.com/2011/10/beginning.html

    I'll open a first post for brainstorming-- anything goes! Let's list ideas, thoughts, etc. then take them up one by one, and find those who can reasonably (taking into account "real life, to which we all must kow-tow) and see what we can come up with!

    Let's be the change we want to see!

  3. Thanks for posting my blog, great post! :)

  4. I'm sorry, and please don't take offence, but "we're living in the dark ages of stardoll" - seriously? I don't get it. Why make so much fuss over a dress up site? We're not living in it, it's our choice that we play on it. I don't care enough for Stardoll to put effort into making it interesting for about 40 people who know all about this elite stuff.

  5. After Reece and all the controversy surrounding Jack and other dolls, I do agree that we are in a somewhat "Dark Age".

    Sakuruto, I do see your views but we choose to use Stardoll and that means we do see surrounding gossip, lies, etc and that makes us get interested and shocked. In some way, we are living in a virtual world. It is a similar replica to the real world - Elite dolls would be the celebs and so on.

    Everybody has wanted Stardoll to change but it's all said and nothing is done to help. We put ourselves in this mess as we did with pollution in the real world.

    My problem with Stardoll is there are so many disrespectful people, mostly Non-SS I find.

    I sometimes look at the Stardoll blog and I see dozens of "Eww.. she's fat" or "Ugly" and this makes me upset because in truth what is pretty? What is real beauty?

    Is it looks or personality? Another thing is that people go around calling celebs fat and that just seriously annoys me. All those people can go to hell for saying such things in my opinion.

    I am at a good weight for my height, I fit into size 6-8 clothing, I'm not overweight in the slightest but some people I know do struggle with their eat habits and it hurts to see people being so rude about people they don't even know.

    My friend is such a lovely person with a great personality but people judge her for her weight and looks. People don't see the persons personality because they are too busy going crazy for her size.

    So, I'm going a bit off track but I want to stop this insane part bullying and part pure rudeness on Stardoll. It has contributed hugely to the downfall of Stardoll and like you say, it has got us into the Dark Ages along with a lot of other things.

  6. Megan and Sakutaro have it all figured out.

  7. As I said in the comments of Aislin's post, 2012 could very well be the beginning of the Stardoll Renaissance.

    New projects and people must be recognized, thus allowing them to flourish. We each have the potential to transform Dollywood into what it once was. The question is: Will we?

  8. Gah, this post was so motivational & inspirational. I hope some people will take this post and Aislin's post into consideration because if we really you really want the 'Renaissance' to come, then you can't just sit around putting forth no effort. I must say though, it is difficult coming up with a new, fresh, innovative idea.

    There are many 'bumps' [[may I say]] in the road... for starters, coming up with good ideas. Sometimes I will spend the whole night thinking of a new project to do for Stardoll.

    Before in Aislin's post, she said how people are afraid to try things, thinking they would fail. This brings me to Megan's comment about people commenting rude things. I was reading Victoria's blog post about Kasia and I clicked the "Eternity Magazine" link. There were 83 comments, and there were very few rude comments. Most of them were positive. Do we see that today? Ha. Every other comment I see is hatred.

    What you may call 'elites' often overlook the talent in stardoll newcomers. There are talented projects out there, and I've seen it, but they just aren't getting the audience they should. What I'm saying is a bad project by an elite would get much more hype than a spectacular project by someone who is not very known.

    I understand very well what sakutaro is saying... just as Megan said, we are living in this stardoll world. And the stardoll world can be compared to the real world. In the real world there are talented musicians, writers, dancers, etc. that are unrecognized, but at the end of the day it's more of who can sell. Money, money, money, and more money. Greed can kill us, same as popularity and elitism on stardoll.

    I'm not familiar very well with Dollywood because I joined April of this year, but I understand what's happening. I guess my expectations aren't up to par with some of yours because I never witnessed the intrigue of these projects launched.

    Even though I haven't been a member for Stardoll for long, I know enough to know that Stardoll could change from what it is now, and it will.

  9. Excellent post. We are indeed in the "dark ages" of stardoll.

    I have only one thing to say on this topic: Let the renaissance begin!

  10. Who will begin the renaissance, tohugh?


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