October 02, 2011


Okay, I'm not really pregnant. I just said that to get your attention so that I could post about something completely unrelated to pregnancy! That's wrong of me isn't it? Getting your hopes up, only to let you down. I should apologize shouldn't I? Okay, well I'm sorry. Maybe I'll get pregnant one day, and then you'll be satisfied.

I should also tell you that this post doesn't have much of a direction or particular topic. I'm just in a really fantastic mood, despite being stuck in traffic for an hour earlier today. So since I'm feeling exceptionally wonderful, I figured I would share this happiness with my MDM family!

Do you find if funny or annoying that I call the lot of you my MDM family? Well I don't care(: You're my family. It has been said that families don't always get along, and some of us don't. But I love you bitches anyway(:

I want to play a game concerning the word family. Not actual family, like your mother, brother or father. But your family as far as your friends are concerned. You know what I mean...right? They aren't your actual family but you're so close that you call them family? Yeah...you should be able to understand that.

I am going to use the most active MDM writers and you'll decide what kind of friend/family member they would be for you. 

Here are the most active writers.
I find it funny that they are all females.



I'll do one as an example.

The Wild One:
Maggie is the type of inappropriate friend you love! On the exterior she looks sweet and innocent. But once you get to know her she becomes MAGGIEVL. She is constantly embarrassing you in public, but you can't keep from laughing. She's also quite the handful when she gets drunk.

The Adorable Little Sister:
Lia is the only type of younger sister you'd want to have. She doesn't annoy you with childish things and she doesn't constantly beg to tag along with you and your friends. Instead, she's cute in every sense of the word. She smart and mature for her age. And she's in no hurry to grow up.

Cousin Facepalm:
Stacy is like your work in progress. A project if you will. You love her like you would love any family member, but every time she's around, you want to repeatedly facepalm. She's not stupid and you should never smack her, but you're afraid she'll never learn; despite your millions of lessons and words of advice.

Partner in Crime:
Deidra is the friend you spend most or all of your time with, doing nothing in particular. In fact, she's the type of friend you don't have to be doing something with in order to have fun. There is never a dull moment or lack of humor. And when the two of you get together, sides are sure to be split. Audiences stop to watch in awe of the hilarious havoc you reek with a friend like Dei.

The "mature" One:
Gillian is the little sister that always plays grown up. She insists that her maturity outranks that of an eighty year old man. She's constantly animated and excited. And let's just say that the eighty year old man is a bit more mature than she claims to be. But you love her all the same. Even when she proceeds to have a heart attack over the smallest things.


  1. Aislin don't ever again do those jokes again.You almost kill me(JK)
    The firts thing i say was WHAT? and went through it really fast.Lol

  2. I swear when I read the title I was like 'OMG, I thought you didn't want kids atm!!!!!!!'
    Haha, you do seem in a good mood.
    You're so funny. :)

    -Kendall xoxo

  3. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I could imagine yer one though as a sort of Beverly Hills bimbo, lol!

  4. I didn't even read the post when it was on my dashboard, I was like: OMG!!!!!

    I'm so stupid XD

  5. I was so shocked by the title! :D
    But I was so in love by the rest of this post. :) It's so nice to be called a family member by you.

  6. AISLIN! You nearly gave me a heart attack! My eyes literally went like this O_O!!!

    But yes, Maggievl & Dei <3
    I agree with their descriptions >:D

  7. I saw the title and nearly fell from my seat.

    Ha ha nice idea. I liked reading the descriptions.

  8. I nearly fell of my chair and my eyes where wide i can imagine. Aisilin(sorry for my spelling); i think you have a computer or email virus because you keep emailing me chain letters about "becoming your own boss" and its to do with twitter I know you can't really help it if you've got a virus but just saying (:

  9. Haha, I love it. I do know what you mean by someone who isn't really fam, but feels like it.

  10. Aislin, your mood is contagious! I found myself smiling and giggling as I read those descriptions. Every single one was such a good analogy!

    I really do know what you mean about people close to you seeming like family. Sometimes for me my best friends seem more like family than my cousins who I see once a year.

    I for one have to say I'm honored to be a part of this slightly dysfunctional MDM Family.

  11. NoOrdinaryGirl:

    I keep getting that too from my friend....

  12. @Noordinarygirl

    I am slightly shocked to hear that my anti virus program seems to be serving no justice. That's rather annoying. But thanks for giving me the heads up, and I'll definitely get it checked out!

  13. Maggie and Dei <3 we were like sisters , maggie was the evil one haha :D and Dei was the mature one that helped me through a lot ! :)


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