October 03, 2011


Today is October 1st.

One of the main events that pop into my mind when I think of the month of October is... Halloween!

For some of you, Halloween is a day for kids to dress up and you won't pay much attention to it. For others however, Halloween is an exciting and fun opportunity to take your fiercest fashion fantasies and make them come alive.

Apart from the candy, I love Halloween for the costumes. Not only is buying or designing my own costume something I love to do but viewing other people's unique, stylish and sometimes humorous costumes is always fun.

When I woke up this morning and realized that it was October, I grabbed my laptop and began looking online for some Halloween costume inspiration. Here were some of my favorites:

After viewing so many costumes, I got excited for Halloween and came up with an idea. What are your opinions on a MDM Halloween Ball this year with a terrifyingly fierce best dressed list to go with it? Sounds fun, right?!

Also, what are you, and your medoll dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Lots of love,
~ Zoë xoxo


  1. Well, this would seem like a great idea :) LOL my medoll is already in a 'costume'... lol I'm already in real life have an awful cold, so I thought I could get a bit creative, and do the same with her :P maybe that is what I'll be for Halloween... LOL

  2. A halloween ball would be incredible! I dont know what ill dress up as yet, maybe something disney inspired. i love heidi klum's outfit in your pics by the way, its so creative!:O

    if you do have a halloween ball can it be the night before halloween instead of halloween night because ill be away at my friends on the 31st october?:)

  3. OMG! I'm so excited right now. A Halloween party is just what we need :D

    I think i'll dress up as a mermaid though, or a barbie doll, but i'm gonna have to think about it yet.

  4. Mee and Gladis have a special idea for Halloween up our sleeves! It's going to be soo good!
    Can't wait for the MDM Party too ;]


  5. I love halloween. The ball would be a great event.

  6. halloween is so fun! i'll definitely attend the Halloween ball! i have some fun ideas for costumes too :)



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