November 25, 2011

'Its Thanksgiving! Give me your account details!'

Hello guys, and a Happy Thanksgiving or Turkey Day to all my fellow Americans today, even though I don't find the day to be very amazing, but I wish everyone the best meal and get-togethers possible.

So I decided to check out Stardoll randomly, and I got a friend request that made me feel so special.

I am not saying its special because the person wants to know my account details, not, but the fact is that I feel that they made an account JUST for me and my account details. Because I visited their page, and it said it was made today, and no one has visited them before me or written in their Guestbook, so obviously the account was just for me.

I never knew I was so wanted.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, and now a stream of random GIFs of Kim Kardashian being thrown over by her soon to be ex-husband Kris.

Who thinks their marriage was real anyway?

My personal favorite.

Love, Dei


  1. I was never a big fan of the Kardashians, but a girl in school did her powerpoint on a famous person on Kim and said she made 7 million or something on the marriage.

    I wish people wouldn't use marriage like that.

  2. LOOL, the gifs made my day. I like Kris Hump cos he' from my home state. But Kim is dumb.


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