December 08, 2011

Store Review: Dior Holiday Tribute Store

Hello, and I'd like to welcome you to my content review of the new holiday tribute store Stardoll has released today with is for the brand Dior.

For obvious reasons, most likely they chose Dior because it seems like EVERYONE had their Dior logo StarDesign hanging up.

(As seen on AislinVictory)
As if only the letters are enough to mean 'glamorous', that may or may not be the case, but I am not here to talk about the name 'Dior', ON WITH THE POST!


The Store's Presentation:

My rating: 4/10

Review: Its boring. The only exciting thing about the store is the garland and little diamonds they put on the Dior board in the back. The Dior sign it's self is awfully tacky, it could do without the sequins or whatever purpose those diamonds are suppose to hold, definitely not to be stylish. And the floors? The walls? The WHOLE room screams boring, dull, stale. I would of rather wanted them to copy a real room's image and pasted as a room over this.


The Clothing:
My rating: 7.5/10

Review: The graphics are nice, but they don't match up with the detailing of the Dior A/W 11/12 that was released during Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. I know they can't make it an exact match due to Copyright Infringement, but its clear what was inspired by the Dior line and yet failed to look somewhat decent to it, and this Dior line was not even that great as it is.

I can see that they mainly based the 12 outfits mainly on the start of the collection, though I would of rather them do the soft gold and white parts over the loud 80's prints, the odd moo-moo like dresses, and the gowns. The shoes are a fail to me, no they aren't that horrible but compared to the actual shoes, they could use an improvement, a.k.a. the heel of the shoes.


The Prices:

Like all the Tribute stores, you need to be prepared the have at least 15, 30, or more Stardollars if you plan to buy a key outfit items, but minor pieces and accessories have a nice price I guess. I usually don't buy from Tribute stores anyway, but I can see this one just being bought because it is Dior, nothing more, nothing less.


Overall Value: I give the store a 6 out of 10. Meaning, if you like it buy from it, but it is not a big/glamorous catch.

Love, Dei

How do you like the store?
Bought anything from it?


  1. At first glance, the store looked promising but then once I really paid attention to each piece, my hopes went down. The store really was a let down, especially when you hear the brand it is based off of. I agree with you, it didn't get all that high a rating in my book.

  2. This is a disgusting collection, people should be ranting and raving about this, the clothes are not 3-D as they should be, the shoes are ugly, and it's just a poorly made collection. I will only buy the accessories because they are cheap, the headbands are amazing, and the joker collar is to die for.. .I wonder what other designers are coming, it's only the beginning of the holidays and we've gotten two amazing designers..

  3. I'm disappointed by this collection. I didn't buy anything for the moment, maybe I'll chage my mind...maybe.
    THe design is horrible!!!


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