December 13, 2011

Whats Your Wishlist?

X-mas is almost here! Only 13 more days until Santa presents you with the gift of your choice, hopefully. Schools around here are some to start letting everyone out for breaks and more vacation time around the corner for those with jobs since the new year is knocking down our doors.

I hope for all of you to be with loved ones and having a pleasant time.

Though for me, to be honest I don't really get along with my family. Quite honestly I haven't had a Christmas tree since I was maybe 11? 12? Or that the last time I wrapped gifts or got a wrapped gift was when I was 10 possibly. And that the last family dinner I have had during a holiday was when I was in middle school, and I am out of high school now. And to be honest, I never got a chance to believe in Santa, so I can't really get excited when I see one around in a cartoon or a mall. So Christmas isn't really my.. favorite holiday.

BUT! I plan to make the best of it at home with possibly a nice home cooked dinner and a cool movie marathon while I play with whatever I get for Christmas.

Which reminds me, I remember when I was a kid and my parents were still married, every year since I could write and spell words, I use to write out my big wants for Christmas, usually it was some toys and dolls, and then my two Santas, mom and daddy, would take me to Toys R' Us or Walmart to find my wants and get what they thought wasn't too expensive and bought them all of to go home and have me wrap all of our gifts at the same time.

As the years went on, my lists skrink. As with my holiday cheer, but I guess it was for the better. And eventually I asked for nothing, though my family still found it in their hearts to get lil' ol' me a present or two. And so I found my spirit and here I am, making lists again this year. Though its a very short one.

Dei's Wishlist
- A new Nikon digital camera
- Xbox Live & Netflix for my Xbox
- A workout machine (I am starting to loose weight)
- Money to put in savings for my car insurance with I get my license

So far, I already have most of the things I asked for, mainly because my mom help get me two things and one thing was virtually free for her, so I was extremely happy about that.

So what did you ask Santa for Christmas?

Love, Dei


  1. Well I don't get any wrapped gifts anymore as well. Actually I don't get any gifts anymore but I know that it's because my dad wants all the best for my sister who's studying in Scotland and spends all the spare money on her. Anyways I do have a wishlist, actually it's just two items I really like lol. I know it's kind of stupid but I like an iphone like very much, and I was dreaming to get it. I know no one is going to buy me it so I decided to save the money by myself and be a santa for myself lol. But I guess I won't gonna buy it at least for another half an year because I tried to sell my rare items on Stardoll which went pretty well till I got scammed by Ruby and lost my rarest items. Since I don't have them anymore I also lost a hope to sell my other items which aren't as attractive lol. Anyways I hope you all are going to have everything you wanted :)

  2. I also expect to get a nikon digital camera.
    I want some money, a pair trainers (which are already under my tree. I don't want anything else, I cannot wish for much this year anyway. I feel bad for you Zenonas, I can't believe Ruby stole you. I didn't even know. ;(

  3. Hey this is kind of irrelevant, but my friend sent me this and said it's gonna be someone on MDM's banner. Is this true? Please get back to me. I prefered the other banner to be honest. But nice job anyways.
    By the way, I hope this wasn't meant to be a secret or anything? but really, it must not of been because otherwise my friend wouldnt of got hold of it would she? xxx

  4. Well the last few Christmas' kinda sucked. So I'm almost sure this one will too. It's all so much better when you believe in everything haha.

    On my list is mostly makeup, because I want to try different brands & practice different looks - I want to be a makeup artist in the future, well it's one of my options anyway.

    I'd really like a camera too, but I figured my birthday is in April, I'll get some money & save up for a good one.
    I'm not bothered by what I get or don't get for Christmas, I'm easy to buy for lol.

  5. I think Cash is no fun, I don't ask for cash I ask for practical things such as cloths,shoes etc. Its something I can actually wear. I got a $659 Nikon last year an returned it because I released that it isn't much use if it doesn't keep you warm..

  6. Rock-it 2.0 Speaker
    A boyfriend

  7. My doll, will ask about scuba dress, but she won;t get it.. haha..

    Me, I asked "santa claus" some accessories from the Evanescence store :D I hope he will get it for me.. ;D Aw today's it's Amy Lee's bday :DD (singer of evanescence) YAY!

    I would also want the guy i like to me, but not thaat much.. I am not addicted to anyone ;D hahaha!

  8. Well my dad got me a ticket for T4 Stars of 2011, but idk what else he's getting me ("it's a surprise...") and my mum isn't telling me a word... I hope it's a dress form, but idk where she'd hide that XD

    I bought a Christmas present for myself a couple of months ago (am I sad or am I sad?) which was the Harry Potter box set, and then got myself a poster with Tom Felton on it. I don't feel like my life requires anything else ;)

  9. I don't really celebrate Christmas but that made me sad. I feel bad. My parents are together and couldn't imagine if they were apart. I've never done holidays, but just do gifts just for gifts.

  10. nothing, i find christmas stupid



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