December 14, 2011

Change A Stardoll Life

This morning I received a guestbook comment from a user I don't believe to have ever spoken with, TheAwesomeDork. He asked me to post about his new "contest" on MDM. Normally I just bypass these things unless they are offering money(stardollars) to fund blog-related projects, or if I am actually impressed with their project idea. Honestly, I cannot actually come to terms with what made me decide to take a look at this user's blog. It's quite obvious that something about this person and their blog stood out to me.

As the title of this post states, the blog is called Change A Stardoll Life. And I suppose one could assume that this, dare I say, inspirational blog title was the reason for indulging in my curiosity. My first impression was an obvious one; The blog itself was customized using default Blogger settings and failed to stand out or make a statement that related to its title. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. I believe that it's safe to assume most people would not be impressed upon arrival to this blog site. However, many great things have emerged from seemingly plain places; so I gave this user a chance by reading the first and only post, entitled, About the Contest.

The English and grammar weren't great, so it took me a few reads to decipher the message that the writer was attempting to convey. You can read this post for yourself, here. The basic, condensed version of this "contest" idea is this:

TheAwesomeDork, or Austin as his Stardoll presentation states, plans to choose twenty Stardoll members whom he believes have miserable or unhappy "lives" on Stardoll. However, he also states that there will be applications; whatever that means. After this task is complete, he will assign these twenty people each a Stardoll member who wants to change their Stardoll life, so to speak. From my understanding, the Stardoll member assigned to the miserable member will shower them with gifts, praises, writing positions on Stardoll-related blogs, and maybe even Stardollars. And if the unhappy person isn't pleased with the offerings they've received after two weeks, the member providing the gifts and what-have-you, will be "out", or eliminated, I assume.

The person left standing at the end of this contest will receive 100 Stardollars, a custom Star-Design t-shirt, and a guest writing position for an undecided blog. In other words, he's basically bribing "happy" Stardoll members to shower "misberable" Stardoll members with gifts and such, in hopes that they'll receive Stardollars and gifts at the end of the contest. Though he goes on to say that the ultimate prize you can win in this contest is knowing that you helped make someone's life better. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I thought making someone's life(in general) better was a deed you did because you cared, and you wanted nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing that they were happy. Not something you did in hopes of gaining happiness in the form of gifts for yourself.

My mom always told me that the best people you could have in your life were those who remained kind and caring even when no one was watching. 

Maybe this guy has good intentions when his mind ran across the idea to help others out, but I doubt it. Especially after reading his Stardoll presentation, which states: "This game is getting so boring. And it's gay for a guy to play it. :P So I won't be on much." After all the hype about working to make a difference in someone's life, you turn around and basically call every male member of Stardoll, gay. I find his statement confusing, considering his account was only activated a few days ago. Maybe he had a previous account. Who knows? The only thing I know for sure is that there are some wires crossed in this guy's head and he can't decide whether he wants to be a civil servant or someone who walks around claiming that boys are gay because they use a website that caters to females.

What are your opinions on this contest of sorts?
Will your participate?


  1. Excellent post!!

    Bttw TheAwesomeDork is Austin / Alexapie, this was a contest of his a while ago but he is reintroducing it, I believe.

  2. I saw his competition a while ago, but I assumed like most projects Austin started, this won't be very exciting, nor will it be successful. This made me wonder, if someone is so "miserable" on stardoll why don't they just leave the site? Furthermore, how are virtual gifts (and in this case money) supposed to make someone truly happier? Or is he possibly referring to the fact that some members might be depressed or just have a sad life outside the virtual world? In that case they should see somebody about it, not enter a contest where a person is basically forced into sending them gifts.

  3. I like the idea.
    But this is only Stardoll...

  4. Hey this is kind of irrelevant, but my friend sent me this and said it's gonna be someone on MDM's banner. Is this true? Please get back to me. I prefered the other banner to be honest. But nice job anyways.
    By the way, I hope this wasn't meant to be a secret or anything? but really, it must not of been because otherwise my friend wouldnt of got hold of it would she? xxx

  5. @anon

    It actually wasn't much of a secret, per say. But the finished banners were only for the eyes of the graphic designer and the writers of the blog until after the makeover was finished. I have an idea of who might have showed you, considering the 'demo blog' we're using for transfers of ideas between MDM and the graphic designer is only permitted by invitation.

  6. Sorry for being anonymous.

    I prefer the old banners, but only because I don't like the shading technique on the new one and the head is way too large. If you toned it down and maybe doged & burned it to give it that "Made by Noelle" look, it would be wonderful. Just an idea.

  7. Buying someone gifts and giving them money will only provide them with temporary happiness. The excitement subsides after a while and they'll be back to ask for more. And once the contest is over and you lost, people won't care about the fact that they "improved someone's stardoll life", they're gonna be pissed because they spent tons of money for nothing.

  8. Can this be true this time? I checked the old comments of Noelle in the blog and the girl in the avastar had a strong rasemblance to the one in the commants. Just saying ;-$


    It's quite funny how you kids thrive on so much drama and controversy whilst the person you're all talking about is having the time of her life somewhere in the Carribean with a prince more than twice her own age.

    Read: Noelle Alexandria Page-Escat (aka Alexandra Escat). I see she's as controversial in this world as she is in her real life. How ironic.

  9. @anon

    I didn't make the graphic, a friend did.

    @second anon:
    I'm quite confused as to what you're talking about. Could you please explain?

  10. Austin is alexapie200, and he is just amazing. :)

  11. Me too. Is that the real noelle?? She is alive????

  12. @Aislin: It looks like someone knows the real Noelle and left it as a comment in one of the posts here. I googled the name Alexandra Escat and the description fits perfectly to Noelle's presentation. I think I still remember her presentation saying that she is from Cambridge UK and that she is Spanish-Philipino or something like that. I checked the picture on her blogger as well and just like what Anon said, it's the same person.

  13. The Noelle story is getting more and more twisted!!! I love how things are unfolding! LMFAO!

  14. This is getting weirder and weirder really.

  15. Or it could be a teenage girl that is a fan of Alexandra Escat and has been impersonating her the entire time. How's that for gossip?!

    You Anon's really need to let Noelle be. She's probably Somewhere young, happy and living her life free of Stardoll. (like most of us should be...)


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