January 16, 2012

MDM Makeover Update

I know you all were expecting MDM's makeover to be complete, or nearly complete by mid-January. I'm sorry to report that due to lack of communication(graphic designers are so sketch) with our previous graphic designer, Princess_kiara1, the makeover timeline has shifted slightly. Lana(forevergorgeous), has agreed to take over the writer banners. I've gotten great work, on time, from her before, so I'm completely confident that MDM's writer banners rest safely in her hands.

Also, our new writers have been chosen. If you haven't received a message from Deidra or myself by now, then it's safe to assume that you were not chosen. That doesn't mean that your writing sucks. We hand picked several writers and only used the applications to select one final writer. There were lots of very well written applications, so it was a tough decision.

As for the media partners, we haven't sorted through them, yet. But I promise you I'll have a look at them as soon as I get a chance. From there I'll notify all of the new and returning media partners.

Thank you guys for being patient with us throughout the duration of this makeover. We really do hope that you enjoy the finished product.


I'd also like to address the issue of Charlotte's last couple of posts being deleted from the blog. This was my doing.  After deciding which writers to remove from MDM, I decided that Charlotte would be on the list to be removed. However, for some reason, Deidra and myself were unable to remove her from the blog. The reason is unknown. But basically, no matter how many times I attempted to remove her(and it did say she was deleted) he name was still on the author's list. In short, Charlotte is no longer writing for MDM. I'm still waiting to hear back from Blogger Support on how to handle the issue of Blogger not allowing her to be removed. In the meantime, any posts she makes will be deleted. 


  1. Oh yeah, just blame the graphic designers.

  2. its probably safe to say the writer you picked is some 'elite' who has no skill at writing at all, just 'fame'

    prove me wrong i dare you

  3. @Anon; lol shut up, Aislin and Dei aren't idiots, they're not gonna choose someone just because they're elite, I think they know what they're doing.

  4. well who is the writer?
    i agree with anonymous and jack stop ass kissing

  5. Do we have to see Lana's graphics here as well?
    I mean, her graphics are really good, but it gets kinda boring...

    You should have hired someone else

  6. jack like the other @anon said , stop kissing ass , you've already got your head so far up your owns .

  7. y u such an ass ass jack ass ass [get it?] boing

    yah why are lana's graphics everywhere i go i mean this bro is so much better


  8. I'm pretty sure Jack is just stating his opinion and not kissing anyones ass.

  9. lol at the anons. Calm your hot pants, geez.

    There isn't just one writer, we have hired several. Regarding their "elite" status, I don't pay attention to that. They were hired strictly based on their writing abilities and personality.

    As for the anon claiming that I'm just blaming the graphic designer, I am. She was perfectly content taking on these graphics. That was until she wasn't responding to messages on Stardoll and Skype. It was only after we finally told her that if she didn't respond, we'd be looking elsewhere, that she told us she wouldn't be able to complete them. So yes, it was her fault. If she knew she couldn't do the graphics, she should have told us before she decided to waste our time. And without the writer banners finished, we weren't able to adjust the layout accordingly, as it was to be cohesive with the banners. Needless to say I reached out to Lana and asked her to help.

    So yes, you will be seeing Lana's graphics here as well. She is a great graphic designer, and one of the most dependable graphic designers as well. I have never had communication or time management problems with Lana. Unlike many other designers who have been extremely sketchy. We attempted to try out different graphic designers, including Chace.Clark and Princess_kiara1. We weren't pleased with Chace's work and we weren't pleased with Nika's lack of communication. Overall, Lana is a great choice because she always produces quality work in a timely manner. So quite honestly, I could care less if you find it boring.

    Lastly, Jack isn't kissing my ass. I find it funny that just because he knows me a bit better than the anonymous commenters, he's deemed an ass-kisser.

    Ending on a light note, I do hope that when everything is completed, the majority of MDM's readers will be pleased with the makeover.(I say majority because we all know that it's impossible to please everyone) Until then, I hope you all can continue to be patient.

  10. I find myself facing the same problem with the SAME graphic designer. Around a month ago, I enlisted Princess_kiara1 to be a graphic designer for a project I'm working on behind-the-scenes, after I saw her blog and the talent she has.

    I gave her an assignment and a deadline. She told me she was working on it.

    2 weeks after the deadline. After 3 or 4 dollmails/guestbooks at which point I felt ridiculous contacting her again, she finally told me she's too busy to complete the graphics.

    I am totally understanding. I mean, everyone can get busy and it's a virtual project...It's just funny to see that she didn't only break the committment for my project, but put MDM in the same situation as well.


  11. Looks like I just can't keep up with large assignments, right? Bleh, I'm done explaining myself. I don't really care if my "reputation" literally vanished with this post, I still put Femme in first place no matter what, which is pretty logical to me.

  12. Diamonds never get old.

    Diamonds will not fade away.

    Diamonds can't cheat on you.

    But diamonds can't keep you warm at night.

    Why freeze a heart to spare the pain of the feel of an ex love.

  13. @Nika

    I'm not trying to demolish your reputation. But you did a piss poor job of explaining yourself. Even after Dei and I gave you several opportunities to do so. Instead you avoided us and wasted our time. I would have completely understood you being busy, because we all get busy sometimes. But I can't really say I understand when you ignore our messages and wait until it's way too late to tell us you have other obligations.

  14. I hope whomever you all chose will be entertaining enough to keep this blog alive. As a writer, it's hard to see so many blogs hiring those whom are very sub-par. I believe that you should leave it up to the audience to decide if the graphics/writers are the best fit. Many will claim that the staff chose the selected few based off of a false status.

  15. @AislinRaneVictory you must have a hella amount of time on your hands to type a whole fucking paragraph , no one asked for your opinion right ? so shut the fuck up oh and also , jack probably doesn't even want to know you that well and is just using you as a pawn in one of his mindfuck games . You people never notice until you get attacked by what hes doing , fucking aislin ... You'll learn soon enough .

  16. anon:

    Is it your time of the month? Take a midol. Better yet, pop a few xanax. That might calm you down.

    I typed not one paragraph, but several paragraphs to address everyone's questions in one comment. It's quite rude to ignore people with relevant questions, in my opinion.

    Additionally, I know exactly who Jack is. I have spent a lot of time talking with him. Contrary to your belief, we are not "best friends forever like oh my god!". You could say that we aren't even friends at all. We're cordial with one another. Thanks for warning, but I don't believe I'll be falling into any traps Jack may or may not have set.

    Lastly, this is my post, on a blog I write for, so I am entitled to an opinion whether you like that or not(:

    And addressing your "you must have a hella amount of time on your hands to type a whole fucking paragraph" remark, it doesn't take all that long to type a few paragraphs. That is unless you've never been taught how to type correctly.
    Thanks for you opinion(: I do agree that readers should have a say in what goes on within a blog. Because without the reader's support, a blog is nothing. Contrary to what people may believe, the readers have played a part in this process. For example, we relied on their opinions to decide which writers to remove from the blog. And as for the new writers we've hired, they aren't necessarily guaranteed a permanent position. Dei and I have mutually decided that if they aren't able to please us and more importantly, the readers, then we'll do away with them. However, I do believe that the writers we've hired have great potential. And in the event that I'm wrong, I'm willing to admit it. And about the graphic designer, it's hard to let readers decide. Yes, they can choose who they like best. But at the end of the day, it's Deidra and I who have to deal with the designer. And at the end of the day, I want to choose someone who does great work in a timely manner. That just so happens to be Lana. The reason you see her work everywhere is because she's good at what she does, she's good at time management, and she's easy to work with.

  17. Wait, I didn't even see what Nika wrote lol.

    @Nika - To the contrary. You DIDN'T explain yourself.

    And the way you type that out is if you are annoyed by what Aislin said. But why?

    Its not like we hate you, we are just upset we were strung along thinking we had someone to depend on, even Patrick said you are very dependable, so we stayed.

    I mean you promised me in November or early Dec. you would start on the banners in a week because of FEMME stuff and after a month of no communication when we finally got your attention when you thought someone said you hadn't even started, you chirped in a day later with 'I have one graphic done.' And finally, after another month or decided to contact us, on the 10th of January, to tell us you give up and that you only did 2 graphics.

    Not once telling us before hand, 'I am busy.', 'I have exams.', 'Life is haaard.' Nothing.

    You say you are done explaining when you never started to in the first place?

  18. Well Nika was amazing for me so no comment...

    I asked her to do it and she told me she had ALOT of stuff to do but it would be done at some point, whether it be in 5 days or 1 month. And around 10 days later I recieved the graphic.

    It was kind of hard getting in contact sometimes, but the outcome of the banner was great! xD

    Lana is a very reliable graphic designer though, she's awesome and so easy to talk too!:P

    So I can't really comment on the whole Nika situation with the graphics, but I do look forward to seeing the MDM Makeover!

  19. I'm sorry but I just had an image of Aislin dressed as a pawn and I just run in and push her over omg I don't even know


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