February 29, 2012

FEMME Summer '12 Spolier

    After a very successful winter issue of the renowned FEMME Magazine, a magazine which has consistently wow'd us with stunning graphical and verbal showcasing of their hard work.

    Presented by the lovely owners, Nika(Princess_Kiara1) and Patrick(devie44) ,sent to us, here at MDM, their alluring 2012 summer issue's spoiler modeled by a gorgeous oriental woman laid about on the beautiful Aruba shores, giving us a stunning preview of what is to come.

FEMME wants YOU, that's right you, to apply for a job there, so if you are interested to work for FEMME, apply HERE today!


  1. I live for that graphic ugh so good!! Chanel Iman?

  2. The graphic is stunning. I have read the magazine once,and completely loved it! Nice job ;)

  3. People still say that? She is either Asian or half black and asian. But nice cover colors.

  4. That Graphic is amazing :} Its so unique, Visit my blog UrbanizedStardoll.blogspot.com ? It would mean loads if you took part in the competition :D

  5. It's a beautiful graphic, no doubt, but theres nothing stardoll about that graphic...its more of a piece of art then a stardoll graphic.


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