April 26, 2012


Introductions are written daily, by writers, journalists, students, and even bloggers. However, only some find the hook that will get you reading their whole post. This is no small trick; One of the hardest things in any sort of presentation is getting people's attention in the first place. Readers claim to judge books by the first few pages, I think they exaggerate. The essential judgement is made in the first few words - great writing pieces have great beginnings. If you want to get somebody's attention, then speak to them directly. Look at them in the eye. Set in front of them a very simple fact, perhaps use a conversational tone. If you have some surprising information, deliver it without delay.

After doing some research, I've concluded that a in order for a post to be interesting, an introduction should, without a doubt:
  • Prepare the reader from the information they'll gain from the article
  • Convince them that they want to read the article
  • Shouldn't be too long - you don't want to bore the reader
  • Shouldn't contain just one sentence
  • Shouldn't be completely absent from the article
While brainstorming ideas for my first post on this blog, I couldn't help but address this topic. I find myself reading the oh-so-cliche "I'm bad at introductions" at the beginning of a post far too often. Rarely do I see a topic sentence - possibly the most important part of an introductory paragraph. I guess I only recently noticed the lack of good introductions in the Stardoll blogging world. After all, our initial impressions of anything are the ones that stay in our memories the longest.

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