April 28, 2012

When Stardoll Pals Write Gossip Posts

*This post was meant to be out a month ago*
Though this is not anything shocking or fresh, I've been wanting to talk about this topic.
- - -

You guys know Vanessa(Star_Awards), correct? Who we later found out to be the owner of Elite News and the account EliteNews which for a while we assumed was owned by some chick named Baya Nikolas and also the owner of another side account by the username of -Inspired-. Though I can't seem to find Vanessa's coming out post as 'Baya', it wasn't really a big deal to people since at the time she wasn't around for the most part when she stated it, but plenty of people were shocked at how well she kept her fake persona a secret.

But the icing on the cake for me was that even after she revealed HERSELF as another person, she continued to keep up her fake account and its identity. I can't say its a bad thing, but to me its a bit.. awkward..? I mean having an alter ego is fine and all but I just don't think it works on Stardoll when you try to keep up both personas.

And I came to realize that basically over the years, she's been posting about herself over and over again. And after counting the number of posts she's made about herself in the archives, it was roughly over 30+ posts she's written including her medoll, most posted before she revealed herself, but she did continue to feature herself even after she admitted being Baya.

But this post isn't about that, this is just a refresher.
- - - 

Moving along, Vanessa or Baya, Emma, whoever, stated on EN that they were "cheating" on Stardoll with The Sims 3, which was kind of odd to me since the Sims is an offline game..

But continuing to my point, which I have yet to reach, later after she posted that she left Stardoll, someone started to post on her blogs by the name of Lee Que.

Who is Lee Que you ask? Lee Que is "Baya's" girlfriend, spotted here in her suite:

Now, Vanessa proudly states she is a lesbian which is awesome! But.. I can't tell if is being serious that Lee Que is a real person she dates, let alone the new(er) writer for all her 'Elite Only' based blogging style. The reason I doubt Lee Que is based on a real person is because Vanessa never made any effort to 'show off' Lee Que in her Star_Awards suite making me assume its just her persona Baya's arm candy.

But what does this mean that 'Lee Que' is now a writer for EN? Does it mean Vanessa created ANOTHER persona to be seen by or did she just not want to give up Stardoll like she said she was for the Sims 3?
- - -

I am just confused all over from this. 

What do you guys think? Another personality or is Lee Que 'the real thing'?

Love, Dei


  1. Confusing.... I think it's just another one of her persona's :)

  2. i don't really care because all her persona's are boring

  3. Don't imply the most amazing game in your post. Saying that The Sims 3 is an offline game shows that you never played it. So next time get more info before you post about something you don't know.

  4. ^^ Yeah, I love Sims 3 :D

  5. I've played sims games for YEARS (owning all of them as well) and I still don't see your point.

    You can get downloadable content and see/use user made content but the only sims games that you need Internet to play is the sims social and the very first sims had online multiplayer for sometime until they shut the servers off for it.

    Unless there is some unnofficial version of the sims 3 online then I don't understand what I said that was wrong?

  6. What can I say, going to da beach to get my bewbz out is ma theng. xxx

  7. Dei actually I started playing the sims again recently on my gaming pc and with showtime you can go to your friends game and have your sim perform :-) I've never done it before so i dont really know how it works, its prolly just a massive scam where your sim gets to go but you dont get to see them. still though, you can get pop up messages from sims3.com friends in the top right corner and you can chat in-game about what you're doing.


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