April 23, 2012

Oh Boy is right

A great woman once said (actually it was me): "there is no point in building an empire if you let it crumble."

Such a thing can mirror personalities, projects, ideas...etc. And such a thing was presented today as we witnessed Chloe Davis' tantrum over spilled milk. (you can see the post by Dei here) This made me think of many things, some of them laughing at how much of a numbskull she looked like, but also how much she reminds me of a familiar face we have witnessed through ought stardoll. Yes you know who it is..

Tapstar went by the name of Chloe Davis

I had my doubts and suspicions beginning last October when I heard of her, and it totally sparked in my mind  that these two "people" had to be the same person...I had a good image of who Nicole was, and it didn't take me much time to see Chloe was the exact same thing, maybe she was a poser? I could've been wrong..but all the pieces came together to form the puzzle and I soon realized everything began to make sense. 

Investigating on Stardoll doesn't always lead you to the right assumptions or answers, but everything was quite obvious when it came to this case. A fellow observer (who's name shall not be mentioned) said "Nicole was like that too. She could NOT take criticism. And neither can the same person otherwise known as Chloe."

Here below is a list of facts I gathered up regarding Chloe and how she can be Nicole:
  • Rhfcjnrf owns a modeling agency and a photo shoot agency thing that was featured on Medoll Memoires. What I find strange is that this girl came out of nowhere right after the quitting of Nicole, Tapstar321.
  • check out Rhfcjnrf's modeling agency "fresh face models" and her graphics blog. You can see HER graphics and Nicole's are highly identical AND for her photo shoots, Rhfcjnrf chose Gillian/jucimama and Aislin/AislinVictory which is odd..because those two were known as the closest friends of Nicole - Tapstar321.

  •  Look at Rhfcjnrf's blogger profile and you'll see one of her blogs is forever chic. This is odd because Nicole owned forever chic. So why would she be joining if Nicole quit?
You might think I am a sociopath and as it might look like it...I just do my research well.  Maybe she has multiple-personality disorder, or maybe I am just a lunatic with twisted facts..oh wait...
Well, I guess if you had no trust in the research I gathered up, this picture can be your last lullaby to unmask Chloe Davis and find Nicole under that masquerade.

Nicole...your secret is out. All I can do now is quote you by saying:


  1. I'm just waiting for her to post a comment saying...

    "Ok, I surrender, I am Tapstar54321" (or whatever her username is).

    Love the post girl!

  2. A great woman once said (actually it was me)


    I would actually feel bad for Nicole if she hadn't made such a big deal out of the fact that people were calling her Nicole.

  3. Fantastic post Gladis!

    Let me just say that I had various convos with both Tapstar321 and Rhfcjnrf and never once thought they were the same person. I think this post gives really good evidence that they are the same person, but the only thing that I don't understand is why Nicole would want the new start. She was successful as Tapstar321, and with the innovative ideas that "Chloe" brought to light she could have been even more successful. Why would she want to have to work her way back up to the top again? She obviously wasn't trying to fly under the radar.

  4. @Dei...that may be partially true ;)
    But in all honesty, Lia kinda hit it spot on...in all actuallness, stardoll is a game, which we all forget sometimes...and in order to make it fun, I wanted to start from a new account and see if I can become successful yet again.

    Although I wanted to wait until the surprise comeback release of Forever Chic Magazine (as you all NOW know), to reveal to stardoll that I am, in fact, Nicole, I guess I was quite careless in the last couple of months...

    But I do ask one question; Now that the truth is out, should I go back to my true self, Nicole, or go back to the persona of ChloeDavis?

  5. Was there ever a Chloe Davis? I always called you by Nicole,... until you sort of tried to correct me.

  6. Hahah Linda you were the one person that could guess without any solid evidence...kudos to you ;)

  7. To be honest, we knew for months, but we wanted to be respectable and not expose you.

    But instead, because sparkleward was 23/40, you let your feelings fly and here we are.

  8. @Nicole

    I think you did it because after quitting on Tapstar321 and making a big scene thinking 'Oh-I'm DONE with stardoll!' you started having feelings for it again which meant you couldn't just come back after a dramatic farewell because you'd be too embarrassed so you started from scratch..thats how I see it. lol

  9. @Gladis...yes thats why I said I agreed with Dei but she deleted a comment saying that. That is definitely one of the reasons I returned with a new account.

    And to Dei, thank you for keeping it a secret while you knew. I genuinely appreciate it.

  10. Gladis ily this is why you are my bff
    Amazing post.

  11. Guys,... the Russins on Stardoll are talking about us... they mention PSG, BFM, KOM, The Antagonist, Elite News,etc...

    I have no clue what they were talking about though, even with my auto translator.


    I guess this blog is like Russian's PSG before the Jack makeover.

  12. This is all getting rather complicated now. Why don't we just leave Nicole/Chloe Davis, whatever you want to call her, to carry on with her graphic designing and she knows what she said was wrong so lets all move on and get on :D

  13. @Linda
    sofi can translate
    she's russian

  14. "I wanted to start from a new account and see if I can become successful yet again." - Chloe

    "be successful yet again" dying

    you are delusional. lol wut get over yourself you kid. The only reason anyone knew you name was because they knew gillian and aislin. on and you wrote for mdm, but you sucked. xx (:

  15. ^ Not only did it not really have anything to do with the post, but that was really rude and uncalled for. Congratulations on making a complete ass of yourself. What we need around here is more respect for each other and ourselves. I'm sick of these fights and people feeling depressed because of what people say to them on blogger [Yes, I have seen it happen].

    The slightest insult can cause a person on the brink of suicide to just go ahead and do it. I'm not exaggerating.

    So just think before you type. You guys all seem like fairly civil and mature people, so just take into consideration about other people's feelings. You have no idea what's going on in their real lives.

  16. And no, before anyone accuses me, I am not Chloe or one of her friends, but I really can't stand for this anymore. It needs to stop.

  17. the thing that sucks most about this is that the most recent graphics from forever chic are so much better than the SNTGD entry that kicked this off in the first place oop

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  19. Awk I thought they were always the same before it was unmasked..


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?