April 23, 2012

SD Next Top Graphic Designer Drama?

Since I have a nice and boring Sunday, I decided to start posting now, haha.

But do you know of the competition 'Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer'? If you haven't its a very cutting edge competition that features young, new, and talented graphical artists who are competing for a 1,000 SDs, an Editorial Spread, be the face of TTT, and 10 free items of clothing of their choice*.

With awesome prizes and great judging with Kim(xxlovexx), Nika(Princess_Kiara1), Eliza(Wooldoor) and Ciara(ciaraleanne), the competition was off to a great start! And we get to see gorgeous graphics each time to fall for and pick a designer to cheer on all the way.

But then.. talking to my friend Ciara, who is one of the judges, she told me some very strange comments made by one of the contestants Lige(Lige07), saying that he wanted to drop out, and then I went to ask Kimberly why he said it.

She said he told her that at first that he was having family issues which is understandable, I know one day I would be excited to use and work on a Stardoll project the and next day something awful happened, so I don't blame him, but then later admitted these things to her:
  •  "I am opening my empire next year."
  • "I just found the whole task sorta stupid... How is that task going to help us in the future." 
  •  "Anyway i got offered to do graphics for one of stardolls most famous blogs. So that is also why I have to quit, to make more time for it. And the prize isn't really that big , you could sell all 6-8 graphics for 1000sd+ lol ... I am not trying to be rude , just being realistic! "

What..?  It seemed a bit obscene and selfish to be so ungrateful that someone plans to try to pay you for you hard work and reward you with goodies and yet you tell a judge that its not good enough and basically over-prioritized yourself to the point you can't even work around. And the fact that before it even started he use to tell me how excited he was for it and that he was going to practice really hard, and I actually was rooting for him before now.
- - - 

So then still talking with Ciara and Kim we saw this comment made by a very angry contestant Nicole(tapstar321.. I mean, CholeDavis).

 Her entry:

In the post stating the next theme to be created, she rudely stated her anger of her 22/40 score she got at last week's judging.

Saying this in the comments:
Larger view HERE.
Let's point out some things. Why are you made you got ONE point less than someone? The judges are very very nice people, if I was one of them, you would of gotten a 2 because of how tacky it is, or for the overly chubby vagina hand. Clearly she is stating that her poop green creation didn't deserve the low(er) score it received.

Another that she is stated ".. after looking at some of the graphics now I realize that there are two other graphic designer competitors that are at my level of graphic design."

Your level of graphic design? Pfft, that is just plain rude! What a snide comment, thats like saying everyone in the competition is bad and that you are the only real threat, meanwhile you use the same shading the highlighting for hair you do for your clothes.

In addition, after Nicole started to get comments stating how wrong she really was she started to babble on and ended up apologizing in the weirdest of ways.

Larger view HERE.
She was basically eating a poop sandwich that came from her own ass. And she ended up deleting most of everything she said including the very first comment she made. And even though she said she quit, she later states she was going to try to make the deadline?

- - - 

What a roller coaster this competition brings.

Love, Dei


  1. Tapstar is a dumb cunt

  2. ewwie, poop sandwiches. X[ put a wrong picture in my mind.

    I am surprised she blew up like that. I am sure she is a nice person and all, but this completely deflates some of her attitude.

    But, at the same time, I believe she deserved a bit more points. It was a good graphic, but she had no need to point fingers at Kristen's whose graphic was actually really good as well.

    Overall, like xxlovexx said in the comments...she was being disappointed.

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  4. First off, why the hell is everyone assuming I'm Tapstar321? I really am quite confused...can somone please care to enlighten me?

    Secondly, you must have misread the message, Dei, as I never said I will try TO make the deadline, I said I COULDN'T make the deadline...understand the difference?

  5. Nicole, how about you stop being rude? All you're doing is making yourself look like a fool. You can deny all you want, but I know who you are and so do a number of other people.

  6. Sofi, give me ONE piece of evidence.

  7. Oh my wow, wasn't expecting to see this.

    Nicole, it's probably time to give up the "Chloe Davis" thing. I know you're Nicole, Dei knows you're Nicole. Someone from your magazine told us quite a while ago.

    I think the comment(s) made on Kim's blog were rude. She gave you the opportunity to be a part of something she was devoting her time to. Not to mention the judges who also agreed to share their time and opinions.

    Prioritizing seems to be a difficult concept for graphic designers to grasp, and that can sometimes be understandable. However, there is no need for Lige or Nicole to be so rude.

    I feel bad for Kim because she has to deal with this bullshit from people who she has been nothing but nice to.

  8. I'd rather wait until my wonderful friend writes her post on you and your multiple identities. Then you won't just get one piece of evidence, you'll conversations and even actual visual proof! :D

  9. I'm sick of all this drama. Honestly, I don't care at all about the prizes (in fact, I think they are TOO generous! Kim is such a great person.) I just took part in the competition to get criticism to help improve my graphics--have the judges help me with my graphics. I'm definitely an amateur when it comes to graphics (I know I have a ton to work on!).

    First of all, I think Lige was way too ungreatful for this amazing oportunity, only 8 people got a chance out of the 16 or so who applied. 1000sd is a great amount of stardollars, and it takes real money to buy this. I'm sick of all these money-obsessed people, we should be competing in competitions for improvement and enjoyment, not the overall prize (stardollars, modeling contract, etc.).

    I'm friends with Chloe (whoa, didn't see at all her as Nicole!!!) yet I think she took this a bit too far. Honestly I think she has a ton to work on (no offense here), and I encourage her to be proud of her work, but not to the extent to being overly proud and taking it out on just as equally proud graphic designers.

    In the end, we all have our faults, however, I believe Chloe and Lige made fatal mistakes here. I will forgive them, though I think both need to realize before these words come out of their mouths.

    I give great praise to Kim for hosting this amazing competition, and I truly apologize for all this drama some of the contestants have caused.

  10. Lindsey has pretty much summed it up for me perfectly :)


  12. Wow, Chloe/Nicole... Was really being a jerk. [No offense.] Those comments you made were a bit over the top.

  13. Lindsey just worded that to perfection. :P

  14. dei's graphic looks like it isn't wearing a bra lol

  15. I agree with Lindsey. And I do have to thank Lige and Chloe. You just raised the other contestant's chances and ruined your's. Pat yourself on the back! ;D

  16. I know I'm not even taking part in this competition, but I can't help saying: 'Well spoken Lindsey!" heheh xx

  17. Chloe, stop being such an un-greatful bitch!
    The feedback was for you to improve! What right do you have to complain?!?

  18. I was quite surprised at Chloe's outburst. Me and her are quite good friends but I agree that the comment was ungrateful and the judges were offering constructive criticism.

  19. "ChloeDavis" Bitch, motherfucking please.
    Just shut the fuck up and stop lying.
    It bothers me SO FUCKING much when bitches like you pretend to leave then create fake accounts.
    We all know its you okay? shut the fuck up.
    I think your graphic was a piece of shit. "No offense".

    Lige, why the hell did you enter in the first place?
    As for Nicole, I think the judges should throw her out of the competition for being such ungrateful.

  20. Chloe/Nicole made a mistake.
    It was a mistake bigger than her 'vagina hand', but nonetheless, it's still a fixable error.
    She apologized up and down in the comments section, leaving about 5 different comments to try to make herself feel less guilty about how she acted; trust me, I've done it many times before.
    To leave several comments there about how sorry she was, she must've had some level of guilt and remorse.
    Don't you think that should at least be recognized in this post?
    Because honestly, no matter how many poop sandwiches you think she eats in her free time, you can't judge whether that apology is genuine or phony, especially online.
    I bet some of the apologies all of you have made on here have been to cover your own arses.

    Ladies and gents; it's one thing to write about it on a blog, and it's a whole other thing to jump all over the girl in the comments section.

  21. Nicole is a selfish bitch. I think, you should kick her out.
    And the truth is.. your fucking graphic is awful.

    die in hell cunt.

  22. I agree. There is absolutely nothing nice about the graphic, it looks to masculine, like a drag queen lol. I think she's waaaay to full of herself. She needed a reality check, and hey, she got one all right.


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