April 02, 2012

Poster Series #2

Welcome Gladis(dingyfeathers) to the MDM family.
She's got the faith of a preacher and the mouth of a sailor.


  1. Oh Gladis! Congrats, and welcome to MDM!

  2. The first 2 are commenters I've seen on PSG, I think a lot of people comment regularly with their blogger accounts because they want to write for blogs or be well known. I just hope they haven't offended anyone in the past. That's a tip if you want to be known comment often with your a blogger name.

  3. Gladass >:) with your parrot haha.

  4. If Sofi gets picked, then I'll know that Dei and Aislin are just picking their friends.

  5. We already knew they would anyways ^

  6. Aislin and Dei are not frieds with Cian ^

  7. Hello I was wandering if we could become media partners?

    Contact me if we can xox


  8. I don't care if you think we just hired our friends. If that was our intent, we would have chosen a lot more writers than we did.

    We didn't let friendships get in the way when we removed writers, and we didn't let friendships get in the way when we hired writers.

    They are all here for different reasons. Reasons that weren't based off of a friendship. Why can't you just give them a chance? You wouldn't want someone to dismiss you before you had a chance to prove yourself.

    So at least give them that chance before you start stomping around, huffing and puffing because you think we made a decision based on a friendship that didn't exist prior to their hiring.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Aislin and Dei are not frieds with Cian ^

    April 3, 2012 8:07 AM

    Yeah they are friends with Cian.
    Aislin, please be quiet. We know that you chose them because they're your friends.


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