May 24, 2012

"It's Just the Internet"

Why is it that we humans find it so much easier to do rude, unjust, and maybe even illegal things online? The answer is simple, really. We know think that there are no consequences. No result, no follow up to any of our wrong doings! This is exactly why many of us go around doing things like this:

And this,

And even this:

Somebody linked me to this Polish blog by a user called BlackPinkdoda. I right away identified the graphic in the banner as Samantha's or Rascal313's spoiler from Breathe Magazine.

Being a graphic designer myself, I can understand how it feels to have your work be claimed by someone else as their own... I also know how it feels to see amazing work be made by others and yours not turning out that way (but I still manage to restrain from actually stealing others' graphics).
Now, this girl is Polish so she probably doesn't think anyone will ever go on her blog and find their graphics on it, which I probably wouldn't have unless the link was sent to me... But, there are consequences. She has to live with the fact that this is now public and she will be known as somebody who stole graphics. She can also blame herself because she clearly doesn't have the patience to make her own blog banners. Not only that, but she could, potentially, get sued if the artist were to have copyrighted everything on their blog.

She also used one of my graphics as her profile picture for blogger. I find this quite funny, actually. This is definitely not the first time that I've seen my crappy work being used by somebody without permission... I've found that most times, it's always people from foreign countries who aren't very active around 'dollywood', which is expected. 

Upon entering her name in to the Stardoll search bar, I was surprised to have found a nice doll with a beautifully decorated suite. I wonder how she'd react if I decided to copy one of her rooms.
Before people say this post is unnecessary, I did leave her a guestbook message concerning her stunning blog banner, which she deleted. This post isn't even made to shame her, or annoy her, or anything of that sort. Alright, maybe partially, but she is just one of the many examples of people thinking they can get away with anything they do online.

What people don't realize is that they may just have to deal with the aftermath of whatever they it was that they did... Just maybe. Personally, I think the worst part of doing something like this is having to deal with the embarrassment of your actions.

What do you think?
Have you ever felt as though hurting someone is okay because it's over the internet?
What's your opinion on people who steal graphics?

I'd love to know!

I would like to credit Beg For More (pretty much the only gossip blog that still has some of our Stardoll history packed inside) for most of the images displayed in this post.


  1. Her suite is nicely decorated & she's creative why would she do that? She doesn't need to use a picture for her blog if she can't make one. There are 2 topics in this post, there are consequences for those who are nasty & abusive on the internet people don't realise it till they're caught. Everyone can be linked, we're not as anonymous as we think we are.

  2. The funniest part about how people try to act badass over the internet is when they try to form gangs on different websites.

    Like on this one website I used when I was 15 called Habbo, a ton of people liked to try and dress/talk 'ganster' and say they were in the crips or bloods (which if you aren't from America its these two popular crime organizations) so its funny when they are on Habbo saying "*shoots you*" - "*shanks* - etc.

    And they end up so angry if you diss their gang... THE ONE THEY ARE FAKING THEY ARE IN ONLINE!

    Just so sad.

  3. I hate those people who are stealing graphics, I really hate them -.-

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  5. I had no idea about this! Wow. Some people eh?

    You're absolutely right. She'll now have to deal with the consequences of her actions, being known as a copy-claimer is not something to be proud of. & It's not like it was a one time mistake.

    Maybe if she'd just asked for help or something I would've... it's up to you to live & learn now darlin!



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