May 02, 2012

MDM Radio On Air This Saturday

Join us this weekend for our first MDM On Air broadcast.
We will be premiering this Saturday, May 5th, at 2pm central time.
This weekend's show is all about The Antagonist.
So get ready to speak your mind about anything Antagonist-related.

As promised, each week we will be selecting an outfit theme and putting together a best dressed list.
This week's theme is ABC. Anything But Clothes.
Make an outfit out of soda cans, pillows, or even bananas, but no clothing items are permitted! 
No shoes either.

To submit a look for the best dressed list, follow these instructions.
-Make an outfit that follows the rules of the theme.
-Take a snapshot of your outfit.
-Put the image link in a comment on this post with your SD username.
-Only use tinypic, imgur, or screensnpr links.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
Also, help us plan for future broadcasts by participating in this poll:


  1. How is it actually gonna work? Like, web chat, or actual radio? What frequency? And when is central time, is that Greenwich Mean Time? :)

    1. Web chat

      Every week*

      Central time is CST which is in america.

  2. Here's mine:

    Iluvladygaga232 :] Sorry about no shoes, I was in a rush :] I'll be at the radio show :D

  3. I would enter the best dressed list, though I'm awful at making clothing without actually using clothing.

  4. Username: Mandylou4


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