May 22, 2012

Mémoirs Couture - Designed by YOU!

Introducing - Mémoirs Couture
(Pose by Lana(ForeverGorgeous.)

At first you may read this in a puzzled manner, let me explain.

A project passed down from our MDM mother Noelle and MDM big sister Lolita, I was granted the ownership to this innovative and exciting project I called Mémoirs Couture.

Basically its a fashion line made by you, the readers! How does this work?

Starting today, readers can enter in one or multiple design sketches to us through email (so no one can copy!) and we will have it put to life in a graphic and shown off in our runway show event where each will be introduced and credited for the amazing design you give us.

BUT! I must add, for our first show we wanted to show it off with a bang and have the theme be evening gowns! Meaning even nice formal dress or wear of your creation. It can be haute, bold, wild, whatever!
- - - 

Rules and Guidelines
  • - ONLY send the photo(s) as links to either Tinypic or Imgur. Attachments will be ignored.
  • - Please send a clear photo, if you didn't digitally draw or scanned the drawing, then try your best to take a clear and un-blurry photograph.
  • - Only the top 15 designs will be the ones used in this upcoming line.
  • - You can send in more than one design but to be fair only one design will be used from each person chosen.
  • - Your design doesn't HAVE to be a dress, it can be a suit, shoes, accessories, or all of the above! But if you just send in accessories and shoes, you can be an addition to the top 15 designs and featured with some of the others.
  • - You have until the 18th of June to sign up! Every other friday and the friday before then I will post a remind post for those who want to give it a shot but may forget.
 - - -

Want to do it? Then send it THIS form in an email to -

  • Name(First and Last): 
  • Username:
  • Links to design(s):
  • Description of design(s):

Don't want to email? Then add me, To_Royal, on Stardoll, in the friend request stating APPLICATION, and I will accept you and message you telling you to send it in, same form as above.
- - - 

Any questions? Ask below! And it would be lovely if you could spread the word a bit, maybe tell a friend or two.

Love, Dei


  1. I'm totally in! You can expect my design in a few days :)

  2. Seems like fun. I'm entering, and I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with. :)

    Good luck to anyone entering!

  3. I'm so excited to see how talented our readers are(:

  4. Great contest , I'm going to enter and I will send you soon my participation :)


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