June 22, 2012

"Call Me Maybe?"

As I was reading 'Stardoll: Fame, Breasts, and Sexy Medolls' by Dei, these lines caught my attention:
"And usually new members love to wear the free purple bikini around to attract some imaginary Stardoll male, acting shamefully in the process."

Ah, The virtual boyfriend syndrome, something that we usually judge to be among the newer, or more younger players. Sadly, I've had more than my fair share of witnessing these instances. In my earlier days of Stardoll, I used to be a party person. Sad, but true. When you were a bored person who wanted to get some pals on Stardoll, the Parties -now dubbed 'Chat'- was the place to go. There are also other instances in which virtual romance is injected into a normal Stardoll Society.
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Scenario 1: The 'Flock to the Male' Issue.
Credit goes to Dei's post [here]

This is something that definitely hasn't changed through the course of time. From about last year, to my recent visit, there has always been the situation where a single Male gender-ed doll at a party, and there happened to be an entourage of girl dolls surrounding him.
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Scenario 2: The 'More Skin, More Chance' Thought

With Bikinis, bathing suits,and all other types of 'lusty' clothing on Stardoll, there are many users who abuse the real reason as to why those pieces of virtual clothing exist. It's not unusual to stumble upon several under-dressed dolls. Though at times we deem this kind of style to fall under what's 'hot', it's easy to see dolls who abuse the trend. But Why would they under-dress their doll for a 'boyfriend'? I guess virtually exposed dolls are supposed to turn guys on or something.
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Scenario 3: Even Stardoll Encourages it!?

Recently, even Stardoll itself has decided to add the pressure to any girl wanted a virtual partner. How so? Well, as we can see above, 'Add as Girlfriend' and 'Add as Boyfriend' option has been added to the friends list. I find this rather appalling, as Stardoll should realize this can break several 'One-Stop rules'. It's not uncommon to see a Stardoll Couple uttering very...explicit words to each other. As I stated on a post for Extravagance Stardoll, "With this added option, Girls will probably be looking for a 'special someone' to show off on their list." Like the new 'achievements' and 'levels' are proposed to be a sort of 'competition, Boyfriends/Girlfriends may be as well.
- - -
Where I am going with this is that I find online relationships, especially including the ones on Stardoll, seem overrated. I see Stardoll as a place to expand one's creativity whilst managing to retain a sort of youth. Stardollian Relationships definitely test the youth factor, and adds several risks to the Game as well. There are some, maybe very few pedofilic people on Stardoll. If any member of Stardoll manages to fall into those kinds of peoples' trap: it'll be a very scary path from there. 
Another way to look at romances like those on Stardoll are probably the fact that the 'Male' of the relationship may be a girl, who is just having fun. I'd probably be awkwarded out if I was in a relationship with a 'boy', but then found out that he was really a bored girl who was amusing herself.
Yeah...definitely a bit weird.
Anyhoo, Rafael/Rafi101 brings up these great points and even more in this comment I found on the same post for Extravagance Stardoll:

[click to expand]
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With that being said, it does make Boyfriend/Girlfriend relationships sound like something really pointless.
What do you say?
Do You think having a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend on Stardoll is appropriate?


  1. I honestly think it's stupid, that's why instead of trying to wear revealing clothing on my doll etc.etc. I made my own guy in Stardool :D Check him out, it's myperfectguy <3

  2. It is sad that this is what our society is coming to. When 10 year olds talk about having umm... a not so innocent "sleepover" virtually with some "hot dude" that they don't even know. It is wrong on so many levels. I think parents should be more aware of their children's activities especially on the internet. I mean afterall, Stardoll isn't their children's personal babysitter.

    But then again, Stardoll is out of their damn mindes for making the "Girlfriend/Boyfriend" option available. Pretty rediciouls.

    As for revealing clothes on Stardoll, I feel like it depends on the aim - I know so many medolls who like to wear revealing clothes but not for "hot guys" to suite chat with, but because they like how it looks on their medoll. They think it expresses their fashion sense and that's completely fine. Isn't that what Stardoll is about? Afterall, it is a fashion website, right?

  3. omg i have a male account that i just go to parties to get surrounded by girls and then i go "sorry im gay" and they all back away and they're like ewwww it's so funny omg

  4. I love this post. I've noticed the same things while in chat rooms. The girls wear nothing and then immediately go up to a guy and use Stardolls heart function. That's usually when I write "DESPERATE!" and get called a lonely troll. :)

  5. Its ridiculous. lmao. I make parties all the time and as soon as bitches start getting too sexual I remove them from the room. I look at stardoll as a place for females only and I assume that most guys on the site are either gay, really lesbians undercover. Any guy thats seriously trying to date on stardoll isnt mature enough to date anyway. Its a joke.

  6. I'm here to send you this:

    GoldStarplaza23 (http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=65128818)

    Notice her picture on her Presentation.

  7. Gross! This is so wrong. Does Stardoll even remember there IS a very young community on their website?


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