June 05, 2012


Hey everyone!

I'm sure you're all sick of the lack of posts on Stardoll related blogs recently, so I decided to just do this little filler post to keep you guys occupied. 

One of the reasons I find, as a blogger, not posting is generally because it's difficult to find something interesting that the readers will enjoy. Therefore, I'd like to know, what would you like to see on MDM? 

I'm not going to make a poll because it's too restricted for my liking. The readers don't really get much of a say in them and when one of the options is asking you to post other ideas in the comments, nobody really does. Thus, I ask you to fire away in the comments section on what posts you'd like on MDM. 

Would you like real life fashion posts?
Fashion and stardoll posts?
Delicate issues?
Gossip posts?
Short stories?
Real life stories?

It's in your hands! 

I was actually thinking about doing a segment of some sort. Possibly a daily feature of a Stardoller's outfit.
Would you guys enjoy that?

Anyways, with that, I'll let you be.

Be sure to tell me in the comments what you want, because, believe it or not, I really do want to try hard to deliver good posts that people will enjoy. 

I'm Morgan Freeman, thank you for listening.


  1. MDM has officially run out of stuff to write about...

  2. Here's my super long opinion and thoughts/suggestions. Oh wait. I'm really going to thank you for not putting in a poll. I have way too much to say! --- What I really love is real life fashion posts. Rather than seeing fashion on Stardoll which I usually would not wear in real life, a post about real life fashion that may be trending could give me inspiration for my clothing. Or it could even not be "in" at the time! Sometimes Stardoll related (like news, new features, etc.) posts get kind of boring and real life things are kind of - realer? Yeup. Hope that's a word. Anyways. Onwards. I personally think that the daily segment of someone's outfit is used in way too many blogs (such as USD, with "Captured") and not very original. Maybe if you want to do a daily segment of someone, maybe not just outfits? Maybe undiscovered sceneries, albums, or, what the heck, just some outfits along with that then? I'd like a bit more variations in those posts. And for a last and final thought. I do like the idea of having short stories. I love writing myself, and it's always nice to see someone posting stories to get inspiration. Not too many people write stories on blogs I have seen. I myself have tried a continuous short story post thingy on a blog I write for, but after my first few posts, I received no comments or feedback. Ack. They were pretty good. But anyways. Who cares about my problems. Well, me. But.. Ack. Getting off track. Anyways. I think short stories are underrated by blog readers who don't want to read huge globs of writing. Maybe to make them interesting, you could swap the story between the bloggers of MDM (those who want to participate) so each writer adds a little something different to each story. Like, for example, you start it with a paragraph or two, and the next week or day a different writer adds a few more paragraphs to the story. It would make it so different and unpredictable, people might actually look forward to that. That would be pretty cool. Anyways, thanks for taking your time to read my super amazingly long suggestions. ^.^ (If I ever think of something else, I may post again. Beware. ;D)

  3. In MY opinion I like seeing people opinions on things, like reviews on blogs, clubs, products idk. I also like sarcastic posts.

  4. I'd like to see a focus on creativity, e.g. albums, sceneries and suites, but not just the same old same old. It's not exactly challenging for superstars to have amazing suites, and the 'modelling' poses in sceneries are pretty familiar now. So new clever originality please!

  5. Anna hit this out of the park.

    And it's normal for a blog to have a writer's block. It's part of life, and it's also part of life to overcome it.

    Cian has a great attitude and personality, and I'm sure that he'd brew up something that will make the readers of MDM satisfied. Try exploring your options, from fiction to fact and whatnot.

    We'll pretty much take anything, whether we like it or not :P

  6. I think there should be more fashion and stardoll posts as MDM somehow has some of the most stylish members. Maybe some gossip would do as well for the Antagonist is now sort of abandoned and PSG is closed.
    You could also bring a new and exciting project that features it all plus competitions etc.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone :) Since most of your answers were pretty varied, should I just make a poll with them? I know some readers don't like commenting because it's too time consuming, so maybe that'd be a good idea after all.

    Personally, I liked pretty much all of the ideas that Anna suggested. I think a short story would be pretty good too, and it really would be interesting if other writers were involved.

    I could definitely post about real life fashion but I'm really only in with the Japanese trends which I know are not suited to everyone's liking.

    I'm pretty sure Liajm is still doing Scene It, but I actually still think doing a featured outfit each day is still a good idea. Yes, Underneath Stardoll has Captured, but I could come up with some way to twist it up maybe and make it unique to the other blogs?

    Like Manny said, [and thanks for the compliments gurlll ;D] us writers do frequently get writers block but most of us don't ask the readers about it. I think segments are a good idea because then we don't have to try and come up with a long post that will satisfy everyone everytime.

    Keep coming with these ideas everyone :D

  8. you should feature me every time i change my outfit xxxxxx

  9. Real life stories! Stories that we can debate on.

  10. Jack in your fucking dreams troll. lolololol

  11. Delicate issues and sex things and hot stuffs and scammers and hackers

    jack = fucking troll

  12. The stardoll HOT lists are here! They put the events and people of the week into the HOT list. There's a top and a bottom. Come visit, the lists are already up for this week!


  13. OMG all of them would be fantastic!! if its too much you could always get more wrighters


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