June 11, 2012

Reminder About Memoirs Couture!

Hi, I am really sorry for not posting but I am starting school soon so I have been stressed out from preparing for it.

- - -

Though this is late, I am here to remind you that you have one week to turn in your submission to MDM Couture. To be honest, we did not receive that many applicants so I may be forced to use multiple designs from the same person like I was trying to avoid! But I want to start this project off with no stops.

But I would love it if you could enter in a design or two!

- - -
Rules and Guidelines
  • - ONLY send the photo(s) as links to either Tinypic or Imgur. Attachments will be ignored.
  • - Please send a clear photo, if you didn't digitally draw or scanned the drawing, then try your best to take a clear and un-blurry photograph.
  • - Only the top 15 designs will be the ones used in this upcoming line.
  • - You can send in more than one design but to be fair only one design will be used from each person chosen.
  • - Your design doesn't HAVE to be a dress, it can be a suit, shoes, accessories, or all of the above! But if you just send in accessories and shoes, you can be an addition to the top 15 designs and featured with some of the others.
  • - You have until the 18th of June to sign up! 
 - - -
Want to do it? Then send it THIS form in an email to - mdmcouture@yahoo.com

  • Name(First and Last): 
  • Username:
  • Links to design(s):
  • Description of design(s):

Don't want to email? Then add me, To_Royal, on Stardoll, in the friend request stating APPLICATION, and I will accept you and message you telling you to send it in, same form as above.


  1. Ack! I'm planning to send my entry in, but, being a procrastinator and perfectionist, I'm taking a while. I will send it in before the deadline! Thanks for the reminder. :]

  2. Please do not get this the wrong way, but I want the old MDM back. This layout is beautiful, but it doesn't feel like MDM. It's just like every other blog. MDM was unique and different. This layout, on the other hand isn't. In fact I don't think it is just about the layout it is about the writers. They are great, I could tell they are beyond talented. But their topics are irrelavent. Again, all of the writers are fantastic but just post more often try to make this blog more active. Please. MDM used to be my favorite Fashion blog but not I am lucky if there's 1 post in two weeks.

  3. To Anonymous: I am trying, I really am, I am not really that pushy of a person so I try to be the nice guy and understand situations so I never want to bitch at people who lack of posting but I do try to have it more active, and this is why I am hiring trial writers, so that if the current ones can't do what they said they could, then maybe someone else can. If that makes since.

  4. i feel like dei is the only one doing everything aislin is just disappeared noelle cant even take care of her own blog (and I am not gonna mention isabella cuz obviously she is the same person as noelle how stupid could ppl be?)

  5. Name(First and Last): Rafael Gergely

    Username: Rafi101

    Links to design(s):

    Description of design(s):
    This one is inspired by water lilies and lily pads. It's extravagant but also simple, therefore it's elegant and graceful.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?