June 18, 2012

Stardoll: Fame, Breasts, and Sexy Medolls

A quote from GossipGirl4Real's post titled Too Sexy For Stardoll?, where she talks about one user's way of dress, she states, "I believe that every medoll is sexy in their own ways, but is there a limitation in a site full of little girls?"

Over the past couple of years people have always made graphics more grown up and appealing, or recently using jewelry/hair design making medolls look much more attractive or features stand out more, creating an alluring appearance. But do you think maybe we try too hard to be sexy when it comes to Stardoll?

What I mean is that even though the majority of members are around 10-15 years young, a handful of Stardollians love to be vain and make sexy banners for their blogs/projects, dress proactively, and show off their new tit job even though these younger members are around. And usually new members love to wear the free purple bikini around to attract some imaginary Stardoll male, acting shamefully in the process.

Now, I am one of the members who was happy to create a better chest for my medoll, but I didn't do it to act like "OMFG, I can have huge knockers!", I prefer to not be flat-chested. But no matter the reason, it was to flaunt your  newly acquired 'goods'.

Is it possible we are all obsessed with achieving a fake look to look fabulous? That being plastic IS fantastic?

As seen on "Stardoll's Hot News" (a fake gossip blog)
"After Doll Daily newspaper featured this close-up photo of Dollywood's most controversial transgendered train wreck, Jack (freeduck___), major uproar occurred

The photo was snapped by a member of the Doll Daily team whilst Jack was browsing the rails in "Antidote" last week, wearing only a black strapless bra and hot pants.

Rumours went flying that Jack had extensive surgery including breast enhancement, liposuction around the neck and chest area, and even a chin augmentation! Whenever anyone asked Jack for his side of the story he simply stated "No comment"."

And seen from PinkiOriginal's post on BFM titled "What is this world coming to...?", she shows these user made designs of what looks to be some big breasted PowerPuff Girls.

But it doesn't stop on Stardoll, I've seen plenty of graphics (of good and bad quality) that features a more adult, scantly clad or nude medolls, and I ask why? Though I don't mind nude art/photography, only when its tasteful though. Even I've dabbled in the making of nude graphics, like the first one shown below. But I didn't make it to be sexy just to improve my graphic skills without making clothing. But what about the others? What were their aims when being made? To be hot? Eye-catching? Classy? Regal? Who knows!

(Click the photos to enlarge if needed)


Looking at random sexy graphics, I  think it is safe to say, people on Stardoll LOVE to be sexy. Further pondering on the subject, I thought...

"Can sexy appearances and nudity be tasteful on Stardoll?"


  1. Yeah I think nudity on Stardoll could be tasteful. But many just turn out slutty.

    Lmao, wtf is up with those Big Brother Stardoll graphics... did the person google 'photos of sluts' for their refers photo? No offense.

  2. Making features on a medoll is one thing. It's the natural body, and the 'stardesign hair' alterations aren't a bad thing, even for young members to see. Boobs are boobs, am I right? It's not like we go around flaunting them with some kind of virtual Victoria's Secret push up bra.

    But I think it becomes too much when there are graphics of naked medolls. There really are some younger members that could be as young as 10, that not knowing better come across what they think is a fashionable SD magazine. I don't think it gives a young child the right idea when they see a very slutty black and white medoll with puckered lips and a wink. And where's the fashion in that? What's the point? It's a fashion magazine, not a playboy.

  3. i know right , those pics from big brother stardoll look like hookers LOL!!

  4. I don't think i could ever reply to the last question on your post, but I found it VERY interesting!
    Even though, I agree with Nicole, and so the point of your post, stardoll is a young community... And the fashion in that is kinda nowhere...

  5. I don't really know what I think tbh.
    I just think it's a bit of fun to use the stardesign hair to make cleavage.
    As I was one of the first to wear a large cleavage (not bragging) I still get young girls asking me how I make them because they want some, I go to check these girls profiles and they are like 9-12 which is quite bad tbh.

    Then when it comes to nudity in graphics, I think it's perfectly okay for high fashion nudity, like if it was a "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" that's absolutely fine.
    The BBStardoll graphics are disgusting, It's provocative and suggestive. Who even made those graphics? because they must be sexually frustrated.

    love Nikhol X

  6. I think that nudity can be tasteful on Stardoll if they're considered as art and not porno.

  7. i was also one of the first to have an enhancement on stardoll and i really couldn't give a shit if a 9 year old visited me and saw them because at the end of the day in like 4 years time she will have tits of her own anyway so it's nbd at all.

    people overreact to these things and i will always refer back to kasia's comments when she got deleted for her nipple dresses, it's really a sexist issue if you go deep enough into it because male medoll's proudly display 2 nipples without a word spoken but the minute we enhance what little breasts stardoll gives us or even do something to make our dolls a little more attractive in our opinion, people thinks it's necessary to question it. if people with male medoll's can have chiselled chests and perfect pecks, making their dolls more attractive without any issue, why should us with female medoll's feel worried and in the wrong for maximizing our barely there boobs exposing the female body for what it really is?

    stardoll is just overly sensitive about everything and should close their website off to oblivious underdeveloped tweens.

  8. omg they're not the powerpuff girls they're from phineas and ferb lol


  10. I think there's a fine line that can easily be crossed by those who do not use the right amount of discretion. Breasts are creations of the natural world, and the usage of them in fashion/art should be carefully interpreted.

    Obviously, there is an age standard there. And it's absolutely wrong to cross that, and we CAN'T teach them it's fashionable to bear breasts to the public. Unfortunately, I don't see a solution unless the Stardoll team really cracks down on it.

    Bottom line, however, as Stardoll has many youngsters, we should focus on what goes on the body, not the body itself.

  11. I don't think cleavage, or even making simple enhancements to your medoll are bad things at all. It just makes your doll stand out. It is important to be aware of the majority of the audience on Stardoll, however. And in this case, there is proof that the younger audience is noticing and might be getting the wrong impression of knowing what "sexy" is.

    However, there a fine line between sexy...and slutty. And I think that a lot of these people are confusing the two.

  12. "jackbitch / freeduck_ said...

    i was also one of the first to have an enhancement on stardoll"

    -More like the first to copy me.

    I WAS the first to start enhancement/contouring. I was playing around making a hair design one day then I ended up enhancing my cheeks, collar bone, boobs, and nose. Everyone else copied me, ofc. I made my boobs for my LE bikini b/c my medoll looked like a boy (shown in 'Nikhol Vasquez ~ Hollyoaksrocks*' post(http://tylerstoptrends.blogspot.com/2012/05/in-that-polka-dot-bikini-gurrrrlll.html) on ttt, next thing I see she has cheekbones, boobs, and a collar bone like me lol.) Since I knew people were going to copy I gave them permission to do so in my presentation. Jack I pretty sure you commented in my guestbook that day saying I looked ridiculous yet you later that day had boobs & I think you also had a collar bone.

    I just find it funny how everyone says,... well I was one of the first. Ehmm, not! Not trying to be bitch, but don't take credit for something you didn't create.

    Jack there is one thing you could take credit for, and that is being the most pathetic person one Stardoll! Toodles bitch! Lol

  13. omg linda stop being an arrogant whiny 12-year-old-like bitch.

  14. @linda

    shut up you backstabbing bitch lol don't take credit for making tits and contouring because i think more people started it before you too and i just happened to stumble upon it whilst playing with stardesign also so just pipe down and get back up tylers asshole

  15. I think Linda seriously was the first person to do so, with her account getting numerous amounts of visitors daily, anyone could of loved her idea, copied her, and posted on their presentation they started the enhancement trend. Anyways, everyone needs to STFU about this. How would you feel if you were the first person to make hair out of StarDesign Jewelry and everyone copied?

  16. @Freeduck___

    Kiss my big fat enhanced ass. You once did it pretty well back when you die to be put on blogs. You are, and you have always been a joke!

  17. @linda; bitch shut your mouth and your legs while you're at it

  18. ^ I'm loling at your argument.
    "Kiss my big fat enhanced ass" lmfao!!
    But anyway, Linda was the first person I saw to make enhanced cheekbones and breasts. Who know's if she started it first though, SD has a lot of creative members & I don't see why it should matter.

    I think it's fine for people to enhance their breasts etc on stardoll (Hell, I'd be rocking F cups if I could figure how to make them! Jk. lol) If it's fashionable - fine. But when its portrayed as slutty it's not okay. It becomes a problem when a young member of wonders upon designs like the power puff girls (o_o.. is it just me or can you see their nipples)and decides to buy it, thinks its cool and wears it lol.
    My little cousin is on SD, and personally I would hate for her to come across any of the trashy sd nudity in graphics etc. it's inappropriate & kids these days already know too much without stuff like 'stardoll playboy' & other sex related magazines on here (which are completely pointless & stupid anyway).

  19. @Freeduck_

    Shouldn't you be duck taping you penis in between your legs or eating pizza will your hump your dog like you did on Radio Perez?

  20. @linda; what the fuck? go away delusional skank

  21. Actually I saw a few russian people using stardesign JEWELLERY a few months ago to contour the faces and necks. It did't really look natural but yeah, that was a few months ago before stardesign hair, + there is nearly 180 million users on stardoll, i don't think anyone got copied.

  22. Jack you're the delusional one! You think you actually have friends when in reality everyone hates you.

    #Byecopycatbitches :*

  23. @linda: " in reality everyone hates you." you don't even know me in my real life in reality i am jack not freeduck_/__

  24. jack, u little attention whore...go away

  25. @anon; stop trying to drag on an argument that's just been closed

  26. I hate all this horrible nudity thing that's going round Star Doll! There's freaking little kids on here! What if they started watching porn or something?
    I agree with the last paragraph o tapstars comment though.
    But besides, what has the world COME to?

  27. @jackbitch/freeduck @linda

  28. I love how every single comments section on any Stardoll post in a gossip blog immediately turns into a fight.

    On a brighter note, I think nudity in real life is used for Artistic and Fashion purposes which is fine by me.. A lot of people would think "Oh they are using nudity for attention!" Which is understandable. But it is personal prefrence. I think it looks great as long as it isn't too tacky or slutty.

    In Stardoll, however, I am somewhat lost with what to say or think. I've seen so many fantastic nude graphics but some of the graphics that you included in this post are horrid. Also, like Nicole Jones mentioned there are so many young girls. Stardoll is actually a dressup website for 10-15 year old girls and people sometimes tend to forget that. We (by "we" I mean the 14/15+ people on SD) get carried away. There is so many things that we do that aren't exactly ideal for little kids to see.

    And as far as the Medoll features, I think it is personal prefrence. It looks good on so many medolls but I could understand how someone would be against it. Younger girls might use it to attract the Male users on Suite Parties and whatnot.
    But parents should be aware of their kids' intentions and aims online.

  29. there's a fine line between classy and trashy

  30. linda thinks she started a trend, what do u want an award bitch? at the end of the day ur a no life loser sitting on stardoll 24/7 cus you have no friends. enhancing ur pixelated me doll breast is the only thing u have ever accomplished in your mundane boring life.kill urself bitch.

    -love n0t0r0ious

  31. LOL guys!!!! The only thing that you do is arguing. Pls focus on what you must write and keep your arguments away from this discussion. Firstly, I wanna say that I have been on stardoll for four years ( since I was 10 years old, now I am 14 years old) and things have changed A LOT. Especially with the stardesign, people got more creative and designed many things and other peole copied them. I think that its ok to make your doll look realistic or sexier but that's all nothing more, people shouldn't design anything inappropriate (like n3ppl2s e.t.c.) So far I can see that stardoll has become less safe and I see it with another eyes as years passed because when I was younger I thought that there was nothing wrong with this site, but now I changed my mind :-):-).Anyway, just dont design anything gross because JESUS there are very young members of stardoll that might seeyour designs and freak out xddd. If you want visit my doll in sd (I created her 2 years ago), the username is:Coolgirl23511.

  32. hahahh this was the STUPIDEST thing i ever read. i used to play stardoll and i enjoyed the game- but seriously guys? there comes a point when you reach the grand age of 16 and you think- ok this game is directed to 10 year olds, lets close the lid of my laptop and get out to do things in the world. really ask yourself this and don't just ignore this okay? what have you really done? is stardoll actually worth this petty drama? ITS A GAME FOR TWEENS ONLINE. the fact that is has turned into a place for girls to draw huge boobs on a virtual doll and start arguing and calling each other whores and skanks online is pathetic and sad. I decided to delete my royalty account, say goodbye to the backstanding fake "friends" i had on there, turn to the friends I had in my high school in real life, and eventually decided to enlist in the navy. i stumbled upon this post today and chuckled to myself because of how stupid this all is, and how stupid it looks to me now. thats all i have to say haha. so long and seriously. get a life


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