June 30, 2012

The Stardoll Takeover

The world of technology may seem complex, but in actuality it is quite simple. No, not creating the technology, but rather the marketing schemes that raise each new creation onto a whole new platform. The 2000's are a group of years that will be looked in the future as a whole new beginning. When ideas began to evolve more than just a normal laptop or TV. 
Just like that, Stardoll is a force that is moving through the course of time, collecting bits and pieces that make it bigger and dominant over it's users. If there's something stardoll is good at, it's probably it's marketing techniques; advertising and spreading the news of it's existence is what it does best. We all know that Stardoll lures us with it's promises of shiny stardollars and endless creativity, and of course, we all complain about it. And then we all continue to chug away whilst playing Stardoll anyway.
Then there comes a point when it dawns on us; "is this going too far?" "Is Stardoll getting too close?"
Let me put a rest to those questions:
Yes, yes it is.

My mother always complains that I'm too close to my cell phone. Built with beautiful Android-ness and encased in brilliant shade of red, my mobile is one of my 'must take' items. Of course, I have friends, I have a life, but my phone is how I frequently connect to the world of technology. Or to be more specific: apps.
I can't say much here as usually I don't use apps. However, since last year, Stardoll has taken a multitude of steps toward increasing it's versatility. Releasing a collection of Apps for both iPhones and iPads, to Androids, Stardoll can now be reached with a click of your mobile phone.
iPhone Screenshot 1

First it was harmless, usually just games that earned your doll clothes.

"Download 'Cut it!' and get your medoll some free clothes!"

And if the word free doesn't catch your eye? Well, in that case I congratulate you because you are immune to Stardoll's petty bribes.

Anyhoo, after releasing small spin-offs of  'Cut it!', Stardoll decided to start trekking in another direction.
Prepare yourself, ladies and gents...I now present you:
Stardoll Access!
I suggest you click the image to read those beautiful words...
'Money for Nothing', Stardoll?
Yeah, 'nothing' and endless amounts of our time whilst being on our phone...
Stardoll Access is how stardoll quotes it:
"Having Stardoll in the Palm of your hand"
Is it overrated to mention I shuddered a bit?

And to add to the already awesome features it has offered: now it comes with chat!

Ultimately, I have to say that stardoll not only has managed to choke up our internet history...but it might be churning up our GBs too. Stardoll is becoming smarter, creating new ways to access their intoxicating game. Younger children who are naïve and not able to control themselves will not only find themselves addicted to Stardoll online, but they might be poring over this mobile app that will grow to expand even more Stardollian possibilities. Even people who are older might find themselves succumbing to the lull of Stardoll.

Kudos to you, SD.
- - -
I'm just going to end with this:
Where do you stand with this technological growth of Stardoll?
Do you like appeal of the 'Stardoll Access' app?


  1. 'Cut It' and its other 2 spin-offs aren't really free. They have level packs you have to buy to get any of the really good free stuff.

    'Stardoll Fashion Spin' is a waste of my time. It takes forever to level up and the free things I've gotten are crappy.

    I do like 'Stardoll Access', especially when I'm on vacation. I can quickly look at my guestbook when I'm bored. I just wish it had a clubs option so I could roleplay easier. Using Stardoll via my iPhone's Safari function is hard.

  2. At some point in time, I have wanted a Stardoll app, even suggested it to the SD team.

    However, today, I don't want that anymore. I heavily dislike the idea of carrying SD with me everywhere.. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth because it only fuels the addiction. There is no escaping it.

    On the bright side, Stardoll addicts will actually leave the house because they CAN carry SD with them.

  3. Awesome post. ♥
    and about the stardoll aps' i guess stardoll really just wants us to become addicted. And spend alot time on stardoll. And at the end they want us to pay money.

  4. 'kudos all all around' wat does that even mean

  5. Great post. I have recently gotten an iPhone (well, a friend's broken one - cracked screen and all with no phone service) and tried out all these apps. The Cut It series were - gah. Horrible. I only went through a number of levels and gotten a few free items, which were not my style exactly. Very boring actually. Fashion Spin - mindless game. Spin to get points! Yay! Swiping your finger across a screen for many minutes is so much fun! Though I do admit that I like and do wear some clothing I got from there. And finally Stardoll Access. Gah. I really hate it. Very pointless if you cannot even visit your suite and buy things. I don't get much traffic on my guestbook and don't care about new items and things. Anyways. Yup.


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