June 30, 2012

60 Hours of Fashion: Would You Watch It?

Fashion label Band of Outsiders has been claiming to have pulled off one of the most bizarre stunts known in fashion history. In their Paris debut, they staged a "fashion show" which featured a live male model living in a shop window for sixty hours, beginning this past Wednesday and wrapping up tonight (Friday).

Live streamed online for three days and four nights on the site, and Los Angeles based designer Scott Sternberg decided that every 90 minutes, the model had to disappear and change into a new outfit from the collection, which, in some critics' eyes, is more of a "fashion installation than a fashion show." Perhaps, but in a way, the designer still got his point across. "I am a clothing designer," he quotes, "but the line between art and fashion is blurred. For what I do, a runway isn't valid." Not shockingly, the Sternberg's idea recieved around 25,000 hits. Not bad for a designer who hasn't really hit the big time yet.

Live models in store windows? Creative or creepy? You be the judge.

And before you pick up your phones to call human rights agencies about the poor model who suffered, turns out, he didn't really suffer. Although forced to sleep in a tiny space, "He actually enjoyed it." says Sternberg. "We did feed him."

What do you think? Interesting or ridiculous? Comment!


  1. THAT. IS. AMAIZNG!!!!!!!

  2. That's creepy! Just wondering, how could he go to the bathroom?

  3. you're ridiculous... this post was retarded

  4. oh gosh pandroa your profile picture

  5. John Frieda did this in a mall in my city. Whenever I see it, I can't help thinking of that episode of 8 Simple Rules.


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