June 30, 2012

Fame, Glory, or Enjoyment? (Part 2)

I was going to wait a day or two before I wrote this post but looking at the comments on my previous one, it looks like this had to come a bit soon than that. Let me straighten things out here. I enjoy figurative writing and my previous post, the part one to the duo, was meant, in a way, to be like a figurative introduction. By the looks of it, not many enjoyed it so I guess I shall just dive into the subject I had been meaning to get to all along. 

Blog writing. Why do we do it? In general, blog writing is meant to be like a creative outlet or a way to voice your opinions and have other hear them. It gives us a sense of importance. Stardoll blogs are no different. Many of us come here for the creative outlet. To be heard. Have other read our thoughts and opinions on a little world we all inhabit. Well, that was how it used to be. Nowadays, many use blogs as their way to fame. Now, this subject has been written about plenty of times before and in my opinion, gets more and more boring each time. For now though, I want to add my own little addition to this topic and hopefully there are people that will care to listen. 

In Stardoll, there are generally three to four ways a user becomes "famous". They either create fantastic graphics, they own some amazing blog or competition, and they are a good writer. Now, writing in my opinion is a skill not everyone has. You can definitely work on it and finally one day has great writing skills. Some however just start off with this fantastic skill. They know what to write about, how to write, what to say. Because of that, user will get recognized and be remembered and valued. 

However, because great writers are so hard to come by, standards are lowered and good writers become famed. As a result, many somewhat quickly work their way up and reach the "famous" rank. 

There is not much glory in writers on Stardoll today. In places that used to be an extreme privilege to write on, are now nothing more than a "has-been". In iswim19's post, she wrote about blogs that used to be on top and now have fallen to ruins. The current blogs that are on top too are losing their glory. Not because of the writers though. No, in this case, it is very often the readers. They either lose interest or use it to their own personal (mean) advantage. Nothing is more frustrating or more common than dedicating a crazy amount of time to a post and either getting no comments or absurdly rude comments. As a writer, you learn to let it go but it does take a blow to your confidence. That has taken the glory aspect of being a writer out. 

The last aspect I can think of that motivates people to write is enjoyment. Some people have a passion for writing. They are able to combine it with other things they enjoy and it comes to be an escape from problems or boredom. Generally they are eventually recognized, even if it takes a while, but the talent and passion is easy to see in them. It is easier to enjoy what they write and is very interesting as well. 

It's truly funny to me. Writing does take a real knack. You must be very diplomatic because one wrong word and the 'reputation' you build up can either go crashing down or change very dramatically. I myself have been frustrated more than once with either lack of comments or surplus of idiotic ones. I will rant and rave to my sister about it and she always brings out a good point and a problem I always have. The diplomatic aspect of writing is knowing what to say, who to mention, and how to talk. If you are writing and possibly blaming readers, only a negative response is in store. Learning how to say things, what to say and when to talk about subjects have a huge impact on the response you receive and the impression you give readers about yourself. If you are successful, you get a great response and you look something like this:

However, if you are not successful, the response can be catastrophic and you will look something like this:

Well, with that I draw this post to a close. I truly hope you enjoyed it, and if not, than please (nicely) tell me what it is you would enjoy. I see my last post was not really taken as I had intended it so hopefully this clears it all up (and maybe changes your opinion on whether I really need such severe medical attention).

Thank you again,


  1. Wonderful post! I agree with your points. :)

  2. I did realize you were making a point with the metaphoric language, but I'm sorry, I just honestly couldn't be bothered by reading the whole post.

    Also, on the parts I did read, it seems like you were upset about your previous posts. Don't let your emotions get in the way of you're writing cause that makes it kindaaaa bad you know. Sorry, no offense or anything.


  3. One more thing, I didnt like your layout. The middle column thing is kind of annoying with one word hanging at the bottom of almost every other paragraph. It makes the post a lot harder on the eye for the reader.

  4. I am really surprised at the ignorance of some readers. If you didn't read it, it's a bit funny if you start to critique it.

    Layout is also another thing. Her layout was fine, but it was the placement of the words that fell out of the place. We cannot do anything to fix that issue unless we add more words...and some people don't exactly enjoy long posts, right?

    Sorry if I come out as touchy, but I enjoyed this post of Sara's and it's just sad that majority of the flaws are being highlighted.

    All in all, a great post! These are points that I usually see brought out on stardoll, and this post summed it up nicely.

  5. Nice post! The pictures seriously made me EL OH EL haha omg the one facedown- hilarious! I know that wasn't the point of your post but it was so funny, I wish I could find some of that for my post! I need some of your je ne sais quoi.. Did I say that right?

  6. Lol Maggie, I don't think you could possibly make yourself sound any more stupid than you did.

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  8. I loved this post. Don't be down because of the harsh comments. They are just measly stepping stones into the life of writers. I find that they can improve your writing. I enjoyed your post(s) so much that I have written a post about them.


    Good luck dear,

    Niamh x

  9. I think this is great post and I seriously enjoy while I was reading it. :)

  10. Amazing post, I like the animations at the end :D


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