April 03, 2011

Most Genius April Fools Joke Ever!

Hey everyone!
I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately, I guess it was from releasing the Spring '11 Edition of Forever Chic Magazine and I was kinda caught up in all that.

But I'm back to blogging here regularly!

I'll be blogging a lot about beauty and just stardoll things I come across, as well as my fashion column with my best friend Gill.

Today I want to tell you guys to relax-Mel's leaving was just an Aprils Fool joke!
Fun indeed, Mel. Stardoll's most iconic model had everyone in a scare yesterday, claiming that she was pregnant and leaving stardoll.

And yet, there is always a little bit of truth behind each joke.

Was Mel actually thinking of leaving stardoll?

She'd be added to a long list of elites if she will.

At least it was all a joke! Mel doesn't strike me as one with humor, which is why I think stardollians didn't catch on.

What's your take on this?


  1. Well Mel is outwardly very serious and professional most of the time, so I think it was nice to see her have some fun! Even if it did scare me (: lol

  2. I have to say, this being a joke was always in my mind.(:

  3. I think the joke is on your blog. What is the obssession with going to people's guest books & puting it on a blog. Normally it's a conversation between friends & I wonder if the victims know it would be put on a blog. Turning a conversation into a rumour.

  4. @Anon: I think the joke is on how retarded you are. If it's a conversation between friends, there's always the private messaging system where messages become private. Do it in your guestbook, it then becomes available for everyone, and I mean all 100,000,000+ Stardoll users to read. Have you got some logic?

  5. Actually, it was very obvious to me that this was all an April Fool's joke!

  6. i wouldn't call it the Most Genius April Fool's Joke Ever. Several blogs have done pretty much the same thing.

    At least now I have the chance to get to know her, eh??!

  7. Bit OTT calling it genius lol

  8. Thank Jesus. I litterally fell of my chair when I read this post.

  9. Firstly, how the fuck was it obvious that this was an April Fool's joke?... Elites leave SD every day now-a-days *over-exaggerates* ... And she was just oh so quiet that it would be no surprise if Mel left...

    I am glad she ain't though! She is so quiet that I didn't expect this off her! ;o But yeah, props Mel, props xD

  10. Tinkerbel101 I've noticed the only thing you enjoy doing in life is to insult those who never insulted you. Your insults & your words to anyone will always be sent back to you. You can disagree with anyone but insulting them is going too far. The word retarded is for you you can keep it good luck. And you are so rude as well.

  11. You are so retarded still.

  12. And those words or any rude word you call any body is for you. You would always be referring to yourself whenever you insult anyone for no reason. I bet you don't realise it because it's part of you. Criticise but no need to insult people it gets you no where & you gain nothing from it. How old are you?


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