July 20, 2012

Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin

Yesterday, several people were thrown into a shock when Stardoll decided to...update the face shapes. 
To be quite honest, 'update' is a bit of an understatement.
After observing several posts that complained about the new change, I decided to take a look for myself. 
The faces that Stardoll has changed in shading
The face shapes on the second page seemed to have not been changed yet, I really hope not because I wouldn't exactly want a look that's similar to this:
(click to expand)
Agh! What is that, I ask you? The shading on the doll looks awkward, with a rather odd color that is spread across the forehead. The way Stardoll has shaded without much blending makes it look like the doll is holding something in her mouth. I think we can all agree that the most unattractive characteristic of this face is probably the upside-down 'U' right in the place of the mouth. 
Very unattractive, indeed.

But wait, there's more!
(click to expand)
Anybody want a chin plumping? (if such a thing exists) 
And as Mandylou4 stated here:

"They could have at least blended out the random line on the chin!"

I'm honestly dumbfounded to see that Stardoll even thought about updating the faces like this. I mean, a ton of graphic designers we see in the blogosphere can do so much better than this. Stardoll has turned into some sort of laughingstock by attempting to re-shade the face shapes.

What do you think?
Has Stardoll done well with the new shading?


  1. This is a disaster of stardoll ,coming from stardoll is not strange anymore because lately it has not done anything brilliant.

  2. Forgot to say i like the post :D

  3. After the change, I can officially say stardoll no longer hires "professional" graphic designers... I mean, really?

  4. At least with your skin tone the weird nose shading isn't as visible. I have mine set at the palest setting available so it just looks like someone scribbled over the face with eyeliner. :(

  5. I forgot to add...

    We need some blotting paper for those oily foreheads too!

  6. I really hope stardoll will soon understand what they have done.

  7. i think from the face shading looks great on a mid skin tone from afar

  8. wtf that didn't make sense whatever it's 9am idc

  9. I honestly never even knew there was a second page to the faces. :P

    (Great post by the way!)

  10. Stop comlaining. It's a site for 5 year olds, not you. -.-

  11. What happened to the masturbation post lol

  12. ^You mean the post Aislin edited?


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