July 08, 2012

MDM Exclusive: V&K Collection Preview

Models (l-r): Curly675, Findurlove
I am so pleased to present to you the exclusive MDM preview for Victory & Klaus's new collection, courtesy of the head designers Amanda Lucy (LadyGagaMcQueen) and Clement Krew (Klem1).

But wait, there's more for you all, fashionistas! I was one of the lucky few who was able to see the collection before its debut, and V&K is absolutely not to disappoint! True to its style, Victory & Klaus's summer resort womens' collection is simple but stylish, including some classy one piece swimsuits in various darker shades (teals to shades of gray) classic of it's French origins. Also come the outfits which are showcased from dark maroons to sunny yellows, all in a simplistic design that very, very French. Think Isabel Marant mixed with A.P.C. Madras with a sprinking of Alexander McQueen- a potent combination.

Though I am no connoisseur of mens' fashion, bold print shorts and muscle tees seem to be all the rage in this collection which reminds me very much of Cheap Monday with a dash of so Marc Jacobs. Think soft hoodies, cotton tees, softer than life denim jeans, and sharp (not literally!) looking sunglasses. I'd say, from Paris to Bora Bora, there's no look in the V&K mens' collection that couldn't work. These pieces are good for any season and certainly so very trendy.

The collection will be released soon to the general public so I hope you all keep your eyes peeled towards the V&K release, I know I am so excited to be the one to reveal it to you in a couple short weeks here on MDM!

xo Sierra

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My objective for this new segment MDM Exclusive was to bring to you all exclusives from the top Stardoll brands no other blog would be able to provide. Working with Amanda for the V&K press was absolutely a fantastic experience, but one that won't be able to come by without you followers, so please comment if you think this is a good idea! I have no exact date yet for the collection reveal here, but think the last week of July!


  1. I'm sorry, but I just can't stop thinking about the pants the male model is wearing. It doesn't even look like he's wearing pants!

  2. Graphic is good, but male is too short. Can't wait for more!!!!!!!

  3. Men pants look weird, but I can't wait for the collection!

  4. such an overrated post

  5. Pants look terrible, and the guy is shorter than the girl :|. The face is weird on the girl, or is that just me?

  6. Guy needs to be taller it doesntveven look like he's wearing pants,but if it was an actual store on stardoll I would bought the perfume and the clothes

  7. so what if the guy is shorter?
    I like it, but I have to agree, the dude looks like he's wearing no pants :P

  8. i thought he wasn't wearing pants tbh


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