July 18, 2012

Rihanna x River Island + Win 50 SD Contest!

What do you get when you combine a Barbados native pop/ R&B singer with a classical, bordering on edgy British fashion line? The best answer would probably be a fashion collaboration between Rihanna and River Island. The first collection will be released Spring 2013, and boy are we excited here at MDM for its release! There may not be any "Rihanna" clothes out, but you can get some funny Rihanna face masks for £3 here!

In all seriousness, however, I was thinking though... What do you think the Rihanna collection will look like? Here's my take on what it should look like, or at least the inspiration behind it.

So, I have a challenge for all of you MDM-ers! 
  1. Create a collage (like the one I have above) with 3-6 frames [a.k.a. 3-6 pictures] with Rihanna showcasing her style mixed with River Island's style, to show what you think the Rihanna x River Island collection should look like. Submit by posting a link to a imgur of your collage. Make sure the link is valid or I won't bother!
  2. Write 100 words or more about WHY you think the Rihanna x River Collection will look this way. Make sure to post this part in a comment for this post, WITH your imgur link!! No explanation = invalid entry.

3 Finalists will be chosen, you will vote on the winner!

Submit by 7/23/12 at 5:30 GMT.

And what are the prizes? The winner will get:
  1. 50 Stardollars (and we all know that we are short of some sd after that LE) and if you're not capable of getting Starbazzar items, 50 sd worth in gifts
  2. Your collage and explanation posted on MDM for us all to appreciate and read!
  3. A surprise piece of DKNY! (or if non-ss, another 30 sd worth in gifts)
The prizes are pretty great, so make sure to enter!
 (You must be a MDM follower, I will check.)



    Sierra Lang

    I believe the Rihanna x River Island collaboration will look like this because.. etc etc etc (YOU WILL NEED 100 WORDS OR MORE, REMEMBER).

    Here is my imgur link to explain:


    Make sure to enter that way or you will be disqualified.

    Good luck!

  2. Name: starchic319

    I think that the Rihanna x River Island collaboration will look this because Rihanna has a very eccentric and edgy style but at the same time matching and well put together. I looked at some old River Island collections and picked outfits that were fierce, bold, and daring, just like her fashion. Lots of blazers, ripped denim, and funky shoes, clothes that looked like what she would wear. In fact, the River Island model on the bottom left has a lacy black outfit on, which is almost identical to the one that Rihanna wore to the Balmain show in Paris in 2009 (see bottom right pic of Rihanna)

    My TinyPic link:

  3. I think that in her collection Rihanna will use bright colors, flowers, and alot girly alot girly stuff but she wont forget to add some ,,harder'' elements in her clothing. I think Rihanna is now more girly then in the past, so thats why i think she will choose pink, yellow, white colors. I looked at few Rihannas latest outfits and i didn't think they where dark, or in dark colors like black or grey or brown so i dont think she will use dark colors in her collection.
    Im more then sure that she will have dresses, skirts, high heel shoes and cute clutches, but also i added pants because i dont think shes soo girly so there would be only dresses & skirts. I added the red shoe, because i'm not sure that it fits the other stuff but its all Rihannas style so she could have something familiar added too.


    OrangeAnnax ♥

  4. * forgot to say, pictures from google.com and i made it on Paint ^^ (:

  5. StarMinimon

    Rihanna is known for her style of dress when she goes glam on the red carpet and when she works she uses a casual look or to captivate the audience with her outrageous stage costumes. She already announced it will be Street To Chic but surely amaze us with something casual between this. Shoes with high heels with extravagant colors or pleather platforms, blazers would be a thing of the past to something new and draw even more of her style, street chic, we've seen a lot in street chic. Not forgetting to include casual shorts for the spring, goldand while colors maybe. What is to be, she will come from street to chic!


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  7. Name: AnneHattaway
    Link: http://i.imgur.com/TnWxh.jpg
    As you can see in my picture, the union of River Island and Rihanna will show up a fresh, innovative, cool collection.
    River Island looks for a new look with Rihanna, as her style is glam, extravagant, but still trendy, I also see a sporty and outstanding touch.
    Among the outfits,overalls, loose slacks, silk blouses, denim jackets,stilettos, floral skirts and high heeled sandals will be really popular.
    Denim, animal prints, block colours, withes will be the patterns that will appear in any Spring outfit of this 2013 Spring collection, showing glam but also fun outfits for every woman.

  8. ^^ @AnneHattaway you're too late, the deadline was July 23rd

  9. ^^ @AnneHattaway you're too late, the deadline was July 23rd

  10. Only 3 people entered by the deadline date!
    But anyways, I liked starchic319's the best and i think starminimon was a close second :)


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