October 11, 2008

The Endless Saga of the LOOPHOLE


Slouched on my computer chair, staring into the familiar screen of my PC, I browsed through the endless queue of broadcast messages. Rares, DKNY, Scuba, Skyscraper and so on and so forth. Same old sh*t. As I was about to click away from the page, one particular ad caught my short spanned attention: VOILE dresses for sale.. until supplies last. Interesting. I wonder how many has she got and does she have the purple one I am so wanting to have. Perhaps I can buy one for myself. I clicked on the message and I was immediately redirected to that user's suite.
VOILE dresses for sale.. until supplies last. And what a supply it is... here's what i saw:

I was in disbelief for a few seconds thinking that my senses were just fooling me. How is this possible? A new loophole perhaps? The inquisitive side of my brain then started to work. This doll that is making use of this unknown loophole has 8 star points, a blank presentation and a close to non existent closet. This meDoll may but definitely can be a decoy. Taking into consideration what has happened to one infamous user of Stardoll (who blatantly abused the loophole), these new breed of hackers do know how to be more careful this time.

The cloned Voile gift dresses, as I observed, are selling like hot pancakes and are disappearing from her closet faster than a bullet train. However, she is refilling her starbazaar with that pink ruffle dress faster. much much faster. The average price of each one is at 20 stardollars. If she sells 50 of them dresses, that is a clean 1,000 stardollars for her (less of course the 1 stardollar charge for each sold item). If this account then is not a main account, how is this user going to transfer all those moolahs to the main account (it would be a shame of course if all that virtual cash just goes to nothing once this account gets deleted, right?)? That's where the magic of Starbazaar comes in.

From whom will a stardoll user who's on their right mind buy nasty clothing worth 60 stardollars from? From their other (main) account of course. Look and learn:

a closer inspection of one of these accounts revealed more than what I expected.

...and a dead giveaway on who really owns these accounts. Click on the image to be amused:

Don't get me wrong. I am not condemning this user. No, I definitely am not. In fact I am amazed at how technology savvy (or should I say, Stardoll savvy) some kids are (if this one really is a kid).

In the coming days one of these accounts will definitely get deleted. Again. And for what? For doing something which Stardoll.com specifically told us not to do. A question then presents itself: How could you resist on doing something if that particular thing (the loophole) is right in front of you? Stardoll f*cks up and punishes us for something, which in essence is a fault on their end. Stardoll.com, that is POOR customer service (or do the guys working there even know what that is).

It is not fair for majority of Stardoll users who are actually saving money and spending real cash on that website just to get all the perks (or VOILE dresses for that matter) being a superstar and having disposable stardollars can give.

It is not fair for all those users who got deleted because they used some of a lot of available cheats on Stardoll because when you come to think of it, it IS Stardoll.com's fault.

If by any chance, a stardoll employee gets to read this post, there's just a few things I would want to say to you: Deletion of accounts is not a solution for it would not really clean up the mess you did in the past, is doing today and will be doing in the not so distant future. You guys would have to fix your messed up system, get some good technical support and have a decent and functioning quality assurance and customer service team. That is the answer all of us are waiting for.

And before I forget, the FAKE Chanel items you sold us won't do the trick either.


  1. So she keeps refilling them from her other account, as she keeps buying more?

  2. Wow, That's astonishing.
    Ok, yes, I have a few doubles of items because of a stardoll glitch, for example, I recieved two gift dresses when i purchased stardollars. But that many is very suspicious. I'm very intrigued :)

  3. Hmm. Its a wonder it is.
    But I love your writing!
    The blog is going great!

  4. Yup! Wonderful plan.
    As you said, the NEW generation of hackers is getting better .. and more dangerous. But probably done with the use of old hacker tricks, with the help of some Stardoll glitches and loopholes discovered by members.
    Wow, if she kept a blog spilling all her tricks it'd be full of cheats by now .. and all members would have wardrobes full of duplicated stuff!
    Nice writing! This blog is just going to be fabulous!

  5. I asked her what had happened and Jojo558 told me that it was a stardoll glitch not the loophole or some other cheat. She then told me that everything was alright now and that glitch had stopped.

  6. Haha, I know I've already commented but I have to say...

    The way you write is astonishing. Your writing style was so exquisite, I was unbelieveably intrigued by this. I could not stop reading, but it wasn't neccessarily because of the content, but because of the 'amazingness'.
    "Slouched on my computer chair, staring into the familiar screen of my PC, I browsed through the endless queue of broadcast messages." is such a creative opening statement. Most other blogs would start off like "Today I was looking at the broadcasts". I cannot express how great I find you at writing.

    Lol, Your probably thinking, What is this little 14 year old girl on about, but I just had to let you know how astounding you are.

  7. Gosh, that's alot of gift dresses! Haha.

    Well, they must be making alot of money anyway. :P

  8. ummm it's like marcii90 she have a room full of DKNY clones.. but i dont know how she do that... :S weird....

  9. i will tell u how it works... many people were selling the blue voile with roses and the medium dark red because when they bought a superstar memmbership and came back to the mail and clicked on that to get a dress for free they clicked few times and they got few dresses. Its just a stardoll problem, my friend got 3 the same dresses.So its not a miracle

  10. Well,I know that ''that glitch or loop-hole'' or whatever it is,it's still working.
    And,even though she used it-I don't think anything is wrong with that.But,it's not good that she's ripping-off people.

  11. Holy Crap! Thats alot of Gift Dresses.

    Your writing is so... undescribable! Amazing!
    BTW: Are you looking for the Purple Over-Sized Flower Dress? I have it. [Stardoll username: paris101fan]

  12. Oh, and its stopped working - i just visited their suites now & every gift dress was replaced (almost), and their wardrobe was full of ridcolous horrible clothes.

  13. JoJo558 is also a fan of Teale/Hifof. Weird of what?


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