October 10, 2008

Persona: Oh, Anna!


Every so often, this blog will be featuring people who served and or are continuously serving as true inspirations for people, especially to young girls, around the world.
As Isabella and Noelle go back to their roots, one name popped up as a first subject for this post.
Anna. The Anna Bayle.


As one of the most popular models in the 90's, of course it didn't come as a surprise when an artist made mention of her "Anna Bayle Walk" in one of his compositions...


  1. Who posted this?
    Im confused.
    Noelle or Isabella?

  2. Wow, great article and graphics!!
    Who are you? You deserve your own magazine. I sent it to my friend Anna bayle. She loved it so much.

    More power.

    dana of NYC.

  3. Hi Noelle or Isabella:
    My friend Dana did send this to me. Thanks so much for the all the kind words you said about me and my blog.

    Your site is very interesting! YOU GO GIRLS! EXPRESS YOURSELVES!

    Also, wanted to know who your graphic artist is and how to get in touch with him/her. If Mugler saw it, he would say, "C'est Divine!" Bravo to him or her. As we do in New York....STANDING OVATION!

    With all my love and kisses,

    Anna Bayle


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?