December 18, 2008

GLITCHES in Disguise & a ROOM to Spare


In the not so distant past, a welcomed glitch came over Stardollandia. Items from the Sceneries suddenly became available at the minishop and were up for grabs for just 1 Stardollar each. The items stayed there for just a few hours and I was then one of the lucky few who were able to get some.

Tons and tons of medolls became quasi celebrities because of the items from the glitch.

The possibilities were endless for majority of the items that I got including the white screen, cameras, a car, some floral arrangements and a... PERSONAL STYLIST!

Yes, that's right. Another Medoll inside our own suites! However, Stardoll had to take Vice Ganda (that's what Isablella and I named our Personal Stylist. Ü) away because of endless complaints from young little devils who weren't able to get a stylist of their own.

Just recently though, last Monday to be exact, another glitch angel came by and made more scenery items available for some lucky boys and girls (who happened to be logged on at that moment).

Do you still remember the Pop Art scenery?

I sure do

And I do think that there's no other way for me to keep my memory refreshed about it but to actually have the items in my suite. Have a look:

Uh-huh, you are seeing it right, the items are available for... NOTHING!

By that, I know that it is indeed a glitch because Stardoll won't give anything this fab for free to everyone. Haha!

I bought every single one of those items, for I know that sooner or later, I'll find something to use it for. Ü

On another note, Aside form the free (and fabulous) stuffs that we have been receiving lately, Stardoll gave us yet another unexpected early-Christmas-present.

A 12th room!

That in itself is an answered prayer for I now have another room to stash some of my clothings in. At last, my closet would have some more room to breathe in.Ü

What do you think about the scenery items and the extra room?

As for myself, I have nothing more to say but thank you Stardoll! Ü


  1. It is now advertised that the 12th room is available, You could buy more than one of each of those scenery items but please no harsh feelings but this a little old, I can understand if you fabulous girls were complying evidence but this occurred a couple of days ago or even a week. I am jealous of you ability to get the items for 1, I was a member then and wanted to buy every bit of the glitch but was non-ss so pretty much broke. Well any-who good blog girlies (:
    Noelle xoxoxoox <3

  2. I got the scenery items :) They are in my right room on the third floor

  3. Noelle eyebrows need to be waxed!!

  4. Anonymous, you need to grow up.

  5. Anonymous Yamile said...

    Anonymous, you need to grow up.

    December 26, 2008 9:35 AM

    well at least i can tell the truth

  6. Which Noelle?
    To anonymous, and if you felt so confident with your opinions you wouldn't be anonymous would you? (:

    Love, Noelle

  7. Blogger Imperfect Rainbow aka the-artist said...

    Which Noelle?
    To anonymous, and if you felt so confident with your opinions you wouldn't be anonymous would you? (:

    Love, Noelle

    January 4, 2009 1:20 AM
    the noellepage or whatever her name is duh


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