February 21, 2009

Scenery Drama

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I love making sceneries.

But throughout my Stardoll existence, I have only made a few. Am guessing I just wasn't challenged enough to make something different. And Stardoll's options then were, shall we say graphically disappointing.

Not anymore!

Recently, illustrations are more refined & varieties are wider which now, presents countless possibilities. And with the re-release of my favourite POP ART Scenery, my interest in conceptualizing another scenery was reborn.


As I was making one, I noticed that I was alone.


ZERO. Just celebrity dolls.

Who wouldn't want to be beside a celebrity (even in a scenery!)? but uh, I wanted to include some friends. And I am pretty sure I have a handful of them.


So, can I just say "Why?"


You can just imagine how frustrated I was when I found myself with no one but grey lines on a white canvass.

So, instead of sulking at this glitch, I just thought of putting myself, myself AND myself in my scenery.


Or click THIS

Not so bad, no?

Narcissism aside, this turned out quite well BUT it would've been F.I.E.R.C.E if my friends were there where all of us are posed differently just like the one I did.

Style_Magazine pioneered the dolls that are posed other than that of our usual through her magazine. And we all know how amazing she does them! Steelone is another great revolutionary artiste!


I haven't seen anyone try to do this on a scenery were manipulation through programs are disabled. I was curious if this was possible & surprisingly it can be done!

I was thinking of putting up a Scenery Contest. No no not the usual flowers & fairy kinda. What I was thinking focuses more on how our dolls can have different looks & poses. Hair & all.

If we have enough fierce competitors who are challenged by this, I will push through.

Tell me, good idea?



  1. Isabella, I think it's a good idea.. but only for SOME talented people. Not like .. ehh, stupid people like me.. :((

  2. I have never seen as good sceneries as the ones, you have made. They're truly great!
    Not to kill the party, but it has been done before, the scenries and the contest. I think it was held me Stardoll Trendsetters or something like that..

  3. dina-da-dino made one from a couple months ago too but i like urs more ur so talent n creative!!!!!!plz add me im mihiz.lacy on stardoll plz i want to write for ur blog thnx

  4. Is there anything you cannot do, Isabella? <333


  5. ♥ So this has been keeping you busy huh?

    Not replying to the messages i sent,

    to the calls i made...

    But then again, THESE ARE GREAT!!!

    ...so you are forgiven. Miss yah!Ü

    - Noelle ♥


    You are truly a scenery godess!

  7. you spelt fierce wrong.

    but other than that, great idea :D

  8. I also have noticed that. It's so sad!
    By the way your sceneries are ah-mazing.

  9. how is this posing done using the scenery???

    it's really neat for sure.

  10. How do you get your hair so fabulous! :)

  11. Ok. I ve never seen sooo perfect scenerys like yours. How u do those poses and hair? I love it soooo much. Could u make tutorial for that please? Its soo perfect... I m amazed!!! Best I ve seen


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