January 31, 2009

S is for Steelone

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A wise woman once said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend".

Be it in real life or at Stardoll, friendships are like diamonds in the rough. In a virtual world which spawned ruthless little girls who are incessantly on a wild hunt for the ever elusive Hot Buys, Signatures, & Rares, I found one of the most exceptional that is to unearth.

And her name is Steelone

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Ever since I got back to Stardoll from a six-month hiatus last year, S, as I fondly address her, welcomed me back to Stardoll uniquely similar to that of the biblical story The Prodigal Son. Never have I felt so overwhelmed by a member whom I hardly know that time BUT it felt like we've shared our childhood together.

Like precious diamonds which are cut by their own dust, Steelone revealed her utmost superiority through her unique talent. Admittedly, I am a big fan of her gift.


From one sketch to another, Steelone has unfailingly amazed me with her masterpieces which I like to refer as, The New Classic: raw, piercing, revolutionary, soulful, whimsical yet touching.

Witness for yourself:

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I told you so.

No matter what is said by who, what is done on this & that, true talent indubitably shines through. Her wonderful showcase of ability is just plain genius.

Now, you can just imagine the JOY Noelle & I felt with this priceless drawing she has given us! I personally value this more than any virtual signature dress on Stardoll. No MKA or Lottery Dress can make me this HAPPY! And trust me, it takes a lot to even make my lips curl. This artwork is something that highly value. Something that has a lot of heart & flair poured onto. Something incomparable. Something only SHE can do.

THIS something, I shall treasure for all time.

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Money, they come & go. But friends, like diamonds, last forever.

Real ones, that is.

For your genuine friendship, admirable courage, indescribable talent & timeless beauty,


for inspiring us all!

You truly are a work of art!



  1. Her Pictures are amazing :)

  2. Her Pictures are amazing :)

  3. I admit they're kinda sortof MUSEUM WORTHY but... what kind of person has that kind of time to do etching single strokes? No one with a life? /:

  4. Right.
    People who have a life DO sketch. It's a medium of expression for them. Some write in their diaries, some write poetry...
    I don't understand how YOU can judge how noone has a life when you yourself are behind a computer screen. You can't tell if the artist doesn't have a life.
    That is so judgemental of you.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?