April 09, 2009

LE & Antidote Surprises!

This latest LE Charm is just irresistible!



Aside from a few interior pieces, ANTIDOTE is almost sold out.


But as I sneaked in at Stardoll around midnight amidst folding Puff Pastry for today's breakfast, a familiar yet unopened black AND beige bag welcomed me.

*scratches temple*

If my memory isn't rusty, I remember hoarding the WHOLE Antidote collection as soon as its doors flew open at the Star Plaza. And I even dedicated a room to shadow the window display of the original Antidote store.

So, finding this unopened Antidote Shopping Bag in my Main Suite surely left me in bewilderment. Also, I remember organizing all my Star Plaza purchases before I started rolling my dough yet, I have an unopened Star Plaza Shopping Bag as well.

Impulsively, I was tempted to click both bags to end all this confusion BUT I decided to let the suspense linger for a while. I also bought the complete Antidote collection at my other accounts but those didn't get any "surprises".

This morning before I rolled my croissants, I decided to check those mysterious shopping bags again just to confirm that I R-E-A-L-L-Y have them in my Main Suite.

Yes, they're still there.

Any guesses what it could be?



  1. looks like it is new LE: Floral. Got the e-mail. I'm pretty happy about it. I'm all about girly and floral.

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  3. Maybe its a gift for anyone who bought the entire line?

  4. I know.. It's a kitty cat!


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