November 26, 2010

BrunoExclusive's Unofficial Banner

...and the hottie's name is Bruno.


Bruno lives in Portugal. He's a born dreamer and someday, he plans to work overseas and travel the world. Bruno spends his spare time playing Handball and a game he and his friends like to call "The West" (you're all more than welcome to ask our resident hottie on what this is).

Join the MDM family in welcoming BrunoExclusive.

Again, Welcome Home...


  1. What The Hell, Bruno A Writer... First He Destroys Big Brother Stardoll, Now He Is Going To Destroy This Blog! No! Who Is Next? Very Bad For The Blog, I'm Telling You.

  2. WElcome!

    I play handball too Bruno XD xoxo..*

  3. Thank ya everyone.
    @sa...gataki- You do ? It rocks (;

  4. I am also from Portugal and I also play handball :D


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?