November 15, 2010

Familiar? It Figures.

Not having any internet connection for two days disconnects you from the reality of the virtual world and it makes you notice a lot of things.

Too many things as a matter of fact.

Before I lost my wi-fi connection, I changed into a dominatrix-but-still-a-fashionista kind of look. Pearl necklace, open black blazer, black transluscent leggings, black stilettos and a whip... Voila!
For the final touch... *Where's that fierce black panther of mine? hmmm...*

... something about this black Panther seems so familiar. All TOO familiar.

Then it struck me.

Do you guys remember this?


This picture was a gift of Vittorio (I don't know if you still remember him) to both Isabella and myself when we first launched this blog more than 2 years ago!

Now look closer:


Is it possible? Did Stardoll really looked into our blog and got this image as an inspiration?

My inquisitve mind started churning again. I started to click away on's new features and offerings. And not too long after that, I saw this old post of ours


What do the colors remind you off (well, aside from the obvious that it's Tiffanys)?

C'mon.. make a wild guess.

Got it?

So did I.



I am in love with the color of the Stardoll Diamond on my profile.... and i am so in love with the Tiffany Blue color on that article I made almost 3 years ago too. :)

Okay, okay... I may be going out of my mind and had probably jumped into tons of conclusions. All these may have been just conincidences and Stardoll might have just been in-synch with our subconscious (although it's almost 3 years apart).

But just this morning, here's what made me jump right out of my skin:


scroll down

...and don't batter an eyelash


I've worn that exact same gown for one of our 2 year old teasers back in August of 2008!


Click here to read the entire post.

Coincidence or not, It's actually nice to know that the website we all love, loved and learning to love actually take time to listen to what we want and look at us outside our suites (thanks to the proliferation of blogs all over Stardoll!).

To sum it all up, I am so loving everything Stardoll's given us.

From the black Panther.

Down to the Lime Ruffle Dior Gown.

Thanks Stardoll!



  1. OMG, when I read this I went WOW! I can't belive this...beyond cool. And in my opinion stardoll is making the best of your ideas.

  2. Oh meh god, its soooo creepy yet... wow.

    Stardoll is a bunch of stalkers for you guys. Lol.

  3. Oh that is so cool, maybe you should file a lawsuit against Stardoll and claim the rights haha! Then they might repay you in Stardollars :)...or it could have been a very strange coincidence!

  4. thats so weird, but really cool though!!


  6. Being on Stardoll since 2009, I haven't met you and didn't know about your blog. WOW!!! It's fantastic. And those graphics, they are just amazing! Have just become a follower and expect me around a lot, lol! Congratulations on your comeback!

  7. Coincidence or not, I'm mighty glad that Stardoll has taken notice of our efforts.

    As I've confided with Noelle before, Stardoll DOES listen to suggestions from its members. I remember sending multiple suggestions to the Stardoll Staff & they have actually considered most of them.

    And that's why, MAYBE, we now have The Stardoll Royalty.


  8. This post is ridiculous. yes, many coincidences. But many of those things, you got from somewhere else too. I've seen a yellow gown like that in one of the collections from like, 2008 or something. And the tiffany blue diamond is nothing! Tiffany blue happens to be a super popular color right now. Not a big deal. I don't even remember any of the other examples because they are beyond bogus and irrelevant.

  9. @Delaney: Irrelevant much huh? Yes, Tiffany blue may be a common color for you... so is a Black Panther which i suppose is just sleeping at the foot of your bed? :)

  10. Delaney your comment is stupid and beyond dumb. It was not mentioned in the post that they made those. Of course they were inspired by it. They went first and Stardoll followed after. One coincidence is enough, but three is different.

    But I guess you are just stupid enough to miss that point.

  11. That is absolutely amazing!!! Copycat stardoll!!


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?