November 14, 2010

Bubblyminty's Unofficial Banner

Our newest MDM writer, BubblyMinty!

Bubblyminty is a talented Chinese~Vietnamese girl from Great Britain. A musician, a food lover & a wild shopper, Jenny, as she is known to her close friends, aspires to be a lawyer soon. She has been a Stardoll member since February 2007 & has a suite that boasts of such creativity!

Welcome to the MDM family!



  1. Love it <3

    And can't wait to see some of your posts :D

  2. beautiful banner, completely stunning xx

  3. Thanks Isabella! I LOVE it so much. It is amazing :). And thanks for the welcome.

  4. I LOVE this girl ;)
    I spoke to her breifly during making Ostentatious (she was a model) and she's probably one of Stardoll's most down to earth and awesome people :)


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