November 23, 2010

Memories from the free things:

Hey everyone,
I am sure that everyone has a lot of 1st memories on Stardoll, the 1st hair their Medoll had, the 1st friend they did, the day when they became Superstar, when they bought their 1st rare and more.

But I want to talk about the 1st memories from the free things that Stardoll gave us, sometimes furniture, sometimes clothes, sometimes with proxy but at least free.

I think that each clothing/furniture they have been giving for free meant a lot for someone.

I remember it like yesterday that on my 2nd day on Stardoll I saw a girl wearing a free Taking 5 t-shirt and directly I went on Goggle and I started searching about it and learned how to take it. That was the day I came across blogs who told people about free stuff and well since then I have been reading them and I still do.
Now its time you tell us what memories you have from free things.
When you think of the old free things what memories come in your mind?
- Tell us.


  1. When I was new to Stardoll, I remember one of the first free things I got was a black and white polka dot Hannah Montana dress. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Haha. I've since changed my mind.

  2. You're really good writer.

  3. I remember my first time :) My friend just joined a club about free things. They had all of the secret garden things. I was so happy! After that (as a new stardoll user) I always tried to find the latest free things. But no club had them! So i googled it, and came across blogs! Just like you. Since then I always used blog as well! I wish I could check all the blogs I followed, but well, that doesnt work (too many)

    Love your posts!

  4. Free things are lame! They're only for those that cannot afford true fashions. Wake up, it's tacky.

  5. Lmao, I remember thinking that the free superstar dresses were BOMB! Your a really good writer, I can't wait to hear more from you :) xoxo

  6. I remember the DKNY lurex tank dress, I had when I created an account in 2008, back then it was really a BOMB to see a DKNY for free

  7. @ anonymous: free things aren't lame. In fact, they can become really handy! And some non-ss can't afford clothes at the end of the month, and that's how free stuff helps thenm out.
    Btw, i love this blog!!
    XOXO Catzlover2

  8. Lolita, your an awesome writer. Keep up the hard work!
    The first free thing I SAW was the DKNY Lurex Tank Dress in 2008. BUT at that time I did not know how to get it so boohoo poor me.
    THEN, in 2009 I finally figured out how to get free stuff and the first free thing I got was the Voile Green Tule Dress

  9. OMG it was and it still is the best thing I've got for free: Hannah Montana Forever stuff


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