November 22, 2010

Miss_LolitaF's Unofficial Banner

The newest addition to our growing MDM family... Miss_LolitaF!


We know this girl does not need any further introductions but anyway...

Lolita is a 17 year old girl living the US. She's taking up Political Science at a University currently.

She describes herself as calm, peaceful and nice. Self pampering is one of her weaknesses, and as all of you know, Lolita does speak her mind!

On behalf of the whole MDM family, WELCOME HOME!


  1. feel so bad for this blog

    oh well, sometimes u gotta learn the hard way.

  2. How long do you think it will take for Noelle and Isabella to fire LOLita?? LOL!

  3. I love the new look :)
    and I can't wait to see some more posts!

  4. Shes gonna just post what she wants LMAO!!!!

  5. Welcome Lolita. I am quite intrigued to seee what will offer to MDM!

    Oh and Isabella, it should be "On behalf" Yes?
    Sorry, I have a pet peeve on mispelled or incorrectly used words XD!

  6. ♥ Hahahaha! That's me Jenny! :) Thanks for catching that! :) - Noelle ♥

  7. ...erm, I'm British, so forgive me if this is a mistake, but how can you be at college/uni if you're 17? I thought you had to be 18?
    Like I said, I'm British, so sorry if I'm wrong..

  8. @ MDM Team: Thanks girls :)

    @ Kylie, monlight_22, superdada: Thanks :)

    @ Becka: No, it ain't a mistake but it depends on what age you start the 1st grade. I started at 5 and a half.

  9. I am officially stopping reading this blog until she stops writing.

  10. ^^I agree to friendofyou :)
    Such a pity. I know loads of others people that agree with this too :/

    Well, good luck anyway :D

  11. @ Friendofyou & GothRibbon:

    Hun, no one is forcing you to read us.

  12. Please leave Lolita alone and give her a chance. It's not like she has killed anyone, but some of you are acting so strongly against her...


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?