November 21, 2010

Racism on Stardoll?!

The fabulous virtual world of Stardoll is a truly multi-cultural one.
There are members from all across the globe, from almost every single country are thousands of
Stardoll lovers, possibly in some millions!
People of all origins, skin colours, backgrounds and regardless of gender can share their talents and display their creativity here.It seems such a great place to learn about one anothers' culture and alike. And not a place for racism.

It seemed like that for a moment, after finishing my biology homework on myosis in cells, I needed to log in to Stardoll. I started checking my guestbook to look at the comments and found some less "generous" ones.

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I am not sure why but some people clearly had a racial issue.
Racism is pathetic.
And not to mention just a tad stupid.
I found the generalisations and rude words somewhat offending.
(Yes, I can do good nails actually , that is due to years of practise, I can do other things too :p.)
Whether they said it out of jealousy or sheer xenophobia, or some other lame excuse,
racism is not acceptable, anywhere.
Really, there is only one race.


  1. ♥ Racism is not an excuse for ignorance (stupidity if i may say). A defense yes, but it still doesn't hide the fact that these people are D-U-M-B.

    Pity is all i have for them. ♥

  2. I hate racism :/ Makes me really sad to see that happening anywhere..

  3. God... Racism is so evil. I hate it. I mean who cares if you hate some kind of country? I mean just KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! And if ANYONE says that to you, tell them: "keep it to yourself, but you know what, I dont like you either, because you belong to the racists."

    Now thats clear!


  4. I agree with Noelle, being racist means being stupid and ignorant.

  5. Its quite sad really. There is no need for it but it will always be around.

  6. True that.

    When I wanted to have my stage in one of the restos at NYC, the faculty at Le Cordon Bleu bluntly told me, "Im sorry, but we don't make calls for Koreans or Philippinoes".

    If she only knew I had a big part of Italian in my blood, she would've treated me like a queen.


  7. Such acts make you think really, how could a mother, with a rightful mind, teach and/or allow racism in her daughter/son's life?

    I blame bad childhood, and bad parenting, if only people knew of equality they would know this is just a waste of their time; because sure your re offended, but they receive pity, they receive criticism.

    I for one, believe racists act they way they do because they think its okay to state a boundary between Americans and Chinese, thinking its stating the facts. I have dealt with it all through-out my high-school years!

    Once I was not allowed to enter a restaurant, I believe it was in Bern, just because my skin was - i would not say black - but tanned. I was outraged, but they lost a valued costumer. In your case, they would have lost a great friendship.

  8. I agree, racism is so stupid and a waste of time. I wish everyone could accept everyone.
    Too bad we don't live in a perfect world...


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