November 24, 2010

Those That Never Was

Time and time again, Stardoll would come up with various campaigns to well, simply put, make us spend, spend and spend some more.

The new LE collection just came out, and it literally left me almost-virtually-destitute.

Just as I am beginning to think that everything's settling down, I got Stardoll BLACK FRIDAY on my mail.

The promise of these soon-to-be-RARE-items are too much to resist for a collector like myself. Yum.

The mechanics is for us to spend, fill up the spendometer up till it reaches the highest point (which is $500) to get all the freebies. Not that bad I thought. When you come to think of it, how much do we really spend in Starplaza without getting any freebies back?

More Than $500 im sure.

But wait! There is a catch though: We have to do this (spend like crazy) only up till Friday. Bummer.

Ok....well, again, that's fine. But the thing is... Stardoll, please stop giving us these JOKES to buy... not to mention WEAR:

C'mon... we are willing to spend. But we spend wisely! (or probably some of us like to think that we do. :P) Some of these items are just so-so, others can be worn once... but majority are just downright fugly.

Stardoll... I know you can do better than this. Please do.

...and while I am at it...

has anybody seen the oh-so-fab ruffle dress and the clutch bag with a crown lock below?

This is what I am talking about spending my money on. Delish.

Good vibes!


  1. There were ALOT of gorgeous dresses that Stardoll has butchered a few weeks back. Especially that Louis Vuitton Inspired gown that came along with the Dior.

    Sad really.

    I'm only buying those two that Noelle picked plus the blue dress.

    And only if they're on sale.


  2. It's always the same story, lol! After LE or Antidote something comes up to try to get us buy extra sd, like this gift-o-meter. I only wish the items they give away were a little more...nice! There are some that don't really temp you to buy. But, well, it's true we do spend and not always get gifts so I guess it's fine ;P It would be a blast that after spending 500sd we got at least a free interior too!!


  3. I like the black&white dress and the ruffle dress (of course, who doesn't?) But other than that, ew?

    Anyway, haven't you noticed? Stardoll always is trying to squeeze some money out of us. Whether its from a new LE, Tribute, or other couture collection, and it's no coincidence that right after a new bath of clothes they have deals like 'Black Friday' and such. That's been going on for quite a while now.


  4. You are very right. They should give us things we would actually wear. Like the gray jacket at 500 SD. I had an orgasm looking at that. It's gorgeousss!

  5. These dresses were never released. are these part of spoilers?

  6. The Blue Satin Knot Neckline Dress is already out at the StarPlaza, though not displayed at the Voile Shop yet.

    Just click on Blue & Dress. It's at Page 6.

    Looks like an ill-fitting robe that makes you look bloated.

    Not buying it for 14SD deffo.

    Not even for 4SD.


  7. I LOVE The McQueen clutch. But sadly the clothes don't range far enough for much creativity.
    The starplaza editor should be sacked in my opinion. But they would never hire someone that would pick Gareth Pugh or John Galliano over and over again. It's the same old graphics, same old designs, same old everything.


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