November 25, 2010

The Lovely Liu Wen

Today I came across one of Stardoll most recent Dolls. I don't really check out the dressup much, but I stopped when I saw someone I recognised.Yes. Liu Wen. She is one of my all time favourite models making it big on the catwalk today.

I didn't know who it was until her name came up on the screen, Liu Wen. I think that Stardoll could have worked a little more on the graphics. The make-up is somewhat tacky, and her skin seems to be pink...Asians have yellow and honeyish undertones. Not pink.
I browsed some other asian dressup doll and guess what colour the majority of their skin was?
The Stardoll graphic designers could pay some more attention to details.
But I still love the doll anyway!

Now a little more about the fashionista herself. Wen was born on January 27, 1988, in Yongzhou, China.
Before she started to model full time she was working as a tour guide.

She was first noticed for her fierce looks after entering the New Silk Road World Model Contest, although she did not win, she won national success.
She started gracing covers of famous chinese magazines ans becoming one of the most talked about models in Asia.
In 2008 she was ushered to the trendy and chic city of Paris and signed up to Marylin agency.

One of her most notable achievements was that she become the first Asian Model to represent Estee Lauder. She was named one of the faces of the huge cosmetics company along with Constance Jablonski in April 2010. Her being the first french model to ever model for Estee Lauder.

Her unique features have made her name grow from country to country. With her sky-high and well defined cheekbones, full luscious lips and her amazing mesmerising angled eyes, no wonder!
She has elegance, yet there is something about her looks which cannot be touched upon.

I frankly am just in love with her!...<3


  1. It's funny that you mention Liu Wen, as I recently just discovered her!

    I think she is utterly gorgeous!

    ~ Zoë

  2. P.s. I agree with you on the skin tone issue but I love the clothes the doll has!

    ~ Zoë

  3. ♥ Asians have this mysterious aura to them... they have this silent elegance as if validating a Royal Heritage. ♥

  4. Yea, I noticed that too, plus, have you checked out the Wonder Girls and S.H.E. dress ups? I love those,actually, I never knew stardoll had Asian dressups. So it was very exciting to see these.


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