November 29, 2010

What would Christmas be like...

…without the advent calendar. Every year we ask ourselves “Where is it? Where is the Christmas calendar?” It’s nowhere to be seen. We get excited as the 1st of December is closer, but we never know. If you don’t know what I am talking about the advent calendar also know as Christmas calendar, is a normal calendar with number from 1 to 25. Every day you open a gift corresponding to the number of the day you are in.

This is 2008 calendar.

Last year we had two calendars, one for superstars and one for non-superstars. How will it be this year? Now that we have the Royalty Members will there be a third calendar? I don’t think so, I think.. I have no Idea I just hope stardoll surprises me. I made a litlleee. I mean really little wish list.

I want some knit for my medoll. I want a cape maybe one like this. I want it grey there are so many good ones; you guys have a lot to choose from.

The other thing I want. Louis Vuitton bags. LOTS of them. Anything LV would be good, I am not picky. See I don’t want much, please have something like that on the calendar stardoll.

This is my first ever post. I hope you all enjoy it. See you soon guys.


  1. Great job Bruno! Can't wait to read more from you ♥

  2. Yeah,I enjoyed it Bruno ! Nice Post. I'm so excited about the new calender. I hope there are many RL things,like the LV Bags in your post.

  3. great job Bruno! I think you will make a really good writer:) Keep it up!!

  4. Great first post! the first thing on my wishlist is Daisy by MJ then a leather handmade jacket with openwork!!(so crazy in love with it :p)


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