December 16, 2010

12 Days of Spending


9:06 AM Manila time. Nine more days before Christmas.

Stardoll has yet again, found another tempting way for us to spend some MORE of our virtual moolahs on their site.

12 Days of Dresses


I just hope that the dresses on this campaign will be way better than the ones they gave us during their spend-o-meter thingie... where the clothes were... frankly speaking, a waste of virtual closet space.

They released the 1st one today and it's from London-based designer Markus Lupfer

Everything's looking good so far.

Except for the hefty price tag.


This is much better than those fabric scraps alright.

I just wish that these were available for non-superstars as well, because Stardoll, non-superstars know how to party the NYE way too.

Check out the real version of this Sequined Striped creation.

Now let's make this more fun ladies (and everyone else fabuluously in between).

Send us a tinypic  of yourself wearing this dress and the best ones will be featured on this blog.

Put up the link in the comments and let the world see how DIVINE you look.

I'll be waiting...




  1. I am actually in love with the first dress! I think the Stardoll Version is better than the Real one.

    Here I am wearing the dress:

    My Stardoll username is sugar103

  2. I love this dress!
    User: JosephinaA

    Oh! And I'm starting a fashion magazine, could you check it out?



  4. @Zoe

    I loveeeee it!!

    I don't like the dress that much xD

  5. Thank you ^^

    Some what, I wish I had taken that hat off though!

    ~ Zoë


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