December 17, 2010

Holiday Dress Competition

The 2nd dress on the 12 Days of Dresses campaign already came out and it's this marvelous gown from Halston

Again, same hefty price tag at $25.

Check out the real version.

I just noticed in Starplaza today though, that the 3rd dress is probably this one.

It is on the same price range and almost similar names except for the Stardoll Store carrying it.

What do you think about these dresses?

The ladies who submitted entries yesterday were the following:

Who do you think wore it the best?

 Let's add another twist to this...

For each one of the 12 Dresses from the 12 Days of Dresses campaign, A "Who Wore it Best?" poll will be up for three days.

Who ever gets the most votes for each one of the 12 Dresses will win 100 Stardollars!

Now show us your best look wearing the 2nd dress.

Leave the tinypic link in the comments sections or simply tell us to visit your suite so we can take a snapshot.

That's 100 Stardollars extra Christmas Shopping money for you girls!





  1. haiii

    this is my entry for the 2nd holiday dress

    my stardoll username is juicy-much

    Hope ya like it!

  2. I don't know if I'm allowed to enter again? If I am:

    Stardoll username: sugar103

    Here it is ;) Am I eligible, though? Because I am a guest writer...does that I mean I can't take part in this competition?

  4. As long as you haven't won yet... YES, anybody can join. :)

    There are 10 more dresses! 1,000 SD to be given away in total! :)

  5. Oooh :) Interesting :D Im sure a lot more people will participate! :D


    My Stardoll username is Ezzaiskool
    My inspiration was kind of a 'Winter Wonderland' thing. I've used the dress to create a dress, if you get what I mean :)

  7. This is mine:

    also check my medoll please my username is imprsv :P

    Good Luck everyone♥

  8. My entry is:
    My Stardoll name is FashionistaT
    Good luck to everyone :)

  9. Should we post the 3rd dress's entry here, or are you going to make another topic for it?

  10. Hey I can't post my tinypic know it doesnt working. I am wearing it know in my suite the 2 dress Could you look at it.

    Stardoll Username: CChanelCrystale

    I understand if u cant.



    coolgirl185 :)

  12. Here is my outfit! Hope u like it!!

    Username: Tinkerbells

  13. here is my entry for 2nd holiday dress :)

    username: jainijain

    good luck to everyone!<3

  14. this is mine hope you like it : =)

  15. my name on stardoll is lady_alessia =)

  16. Here is my entry:

    I hope you like it, I've done something a little different :D

    Winniegirl123 xxx

  17. Yay! :D
    Here`s my entry;
    Hope you like it ;-] ♥

  18. Noelle, I left you a guestbook entry. But I am not sure if you noticed it. So I am just letting you know that I want to enter the competition :)

  19. Sugar103 invited me Im not sure if this is the real post?

    username Makeupberries


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?