December 24, 2010

Awards Ceremony

You most probably all know that yesterday was the always anticipated Star Awards Ceremony. It has been 1 year since Vanessa (the founder and now owner of the Star Awards) made a ceremony and its such a fun-filled event that everyone certainly had drama-less fun! ((I however did not make it and checked out all the winners and happenings on stardoll news and gossip blogs!

I want to - now - discuss why awards ceremonies and shows exist. I would like to say - briefly - what happens in most award ceremonies. First, the pre-awards ceremony, which is the red-carpet; by which stardollian celebrities and members get to walk the runway show off to the paparazzi and move to the awards ceremony. Then, the ceremony. The ceremony takes place by people chatting from time to time, and the awards presenters (chosen randomly by awards' owner) present the first award, give a moment for suspense, then gives out the winner. And then the second award and so on and so forth.

Awards Ceremonies are very much needed, because just like in real life people get recognized for their hard work, or for their influence on the Stardoll community. Of course, sometimes you believe the nominees do not deserve to win and sometimes the winner does not deserve to win but that is because in Stardoll award ceremonies the people get to nominate and vote for people. In real life award ceremonies nominations are given by the academy that controls the event.

Lets take a moment to see some of the great achievements of stardoll members of 2010 (from beginning of the year to the end):
- Dioguardi Couture: Manolo
-Dioguardi Group: Manolo
- Fashion Group: Mary (writemarycat)
- Successor of Dioguardi Group: Myself (Findurlove)
- Elite News: Baya (Elitenews)
- SFW: Mary & Becka (writemarycat & Phsychotic-freak)
- Lipstick Magazine Successor: Laura (Lizs)
- Tyler's Top Trends & The Stardoll Freakshow founders: Tyler (Tylerisbold)
- NOH8: Gillian

So what do you think of Awards Ceremonies?

With love,


  1. ''Awards Ceremonies are very much needed, because just like in real life people get recognized for their hard work, or for their influence on the Stardoll community.''

    Sorry to say this, but these people who won their awards already are recognized and won much more awards. Most of them are elites who everyone loves and always get attention and fame. So no, they will not be recognized because they won this 'award'.

  2. Aha however they are 'elites' because they have influenced Stardoll. Not because they're some stroppy bitches-that used to happen back in the old days *coughs* Fakeshake3 *coughs*

  3. I hate to say it but I agree with syligirl.

    No one really has a chance of winning because the elites are too well known and will get voted anyway. So the people who truly deserve it and the people who put hard work and effort into what they do for/on Stardoll don't really get recognized.

    I'm not saying that Elites just sit there and do nothing. They are elite after all. How do you think they got so big?
    But unless you are well known or bribe people, you don't get the opportunity of being a nominee or winner.

    I think there should be an awards show for the Non- Elites and Elites. Separate them to be more realistic.

  4. Well syligirl, how do people get to be elites? Well they do something to influence the public, if you're a follower and not a leader you will never get anywhere! If you engulf yourself and your projects you wont get the same status as the other open person.

    If people who are not known because they do not do anything to get known get awarded for something they do not deserve it would not be fair to those who did deserve it. For example, Titanic was a big hit in its time, did anyone say just because its popular they win awards so they should pick a movie that is not as rated as other movies?

    Or for example, if an actress such as Sandra Bullock gets an award for best female actress because she has done such great movies such as ''The Proposal'' she would deserve it, and they should not give an award to another actress that has not made an effort in the movie as much as she did in that year.

    It usually takes time and a lot of effort to get to the status to get to win something on an awards ceremony but you need to persevere and not whine about the fact that only known people (who get known because of what they do in stardoll) get to win awards.

    Anyway, its not up to Vanessa or to her esteemed judges to nominate the people, its up to YOU the public to vote for. If you wanted change in awards you can do it yourself.

    And to the last anonymous, you say there should be an awards for non-elites, and all I can say is that this awards ceremony isnt for elites, it is not called ''the Elite Star Awards'' it is for anyone and everyone, but the people choose known people to win, so in the end its not the elites at fault its the public's opinion on who deserves it (not saying elites or known people WHO do great things for stardoll).

    Good luck reading that!
    With love,

  5. @ Findurlove
    There are enough people who tried so hard to get known on stardoll, who wanted to make their projects big, but never got that chance.When I'm reading what you wrote, I get the idea that you only think that those who won these awards done something special to the stardoll word. while there are way more people who do much on stardoll but don't get famous. You all take stardoll way to serious with things like fashion week, award shows, and magazines.Oh and just to let you know, at least I'm not a pussy like all these anonymous who don't show their faces..

  6. However, people always need something new to their stardoll lives, I mean something new gets you excited because can you believe that that certain project is being virtualized?

    Anyway, the people who did get known made something new, for example the fashion week was THOUGHT of, but it was never really EXECUTED, so to speak its pretty much new, and people are getting excited. In addition to that, these extreme virtual projects are here because well stardoll is quite frankly boring without the drama, without the projects scattered here and there, so you need something to make it more interesting.

    Stardoll is truly a virtual life, you can see different types of people doing different types of projects just to increase activity on stardoll.

    Although, I am not implying elites do more than others but what I am saying and what I did say above was that they do something new and exciting, develop it, make it known among people and thats basically it :)

    Well, each one has their own opinion and I (even though I am arguing) really appreciate your time to comment because just as awards have a good side they do have a bad one.

    In conclusion, sometimes it is just who you know that makes you who you are in this virtual world and in the real world!


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