December 25, 2010

Sassy shoes you have there...

Being on Stardoll we can create the most fabulous outfits. Oufits which are outlandish and tempting - using garments that we can only wish to possess in real life!
It is rare to find a true fashionista on Stardoll with impeccable taste.

The attire on many of today's medolls are simple and flat. One of the first people on Stardoll to be able to create interesting outfits is Isabella.arci. She is known for her art of "layering", she can easily use the textures and colours to make a seamless and flowing dress or whatever she desires.

I think that it is safe to say that Isabella.arci is the pioneer of layering!

Many have followed on from this trend, some construct beautiful outfits whereas others are less fortunate.
What if we could layer other things?
How about shoes?

Not only can Minisuka_Ancafe assemble deliciously dark and gothic outfits, she has mastered the layering of shoes. She has used shape and tones to construct a dashing piece of footwear. This female boasts creativity everywhere.

I took a glance at her album and this is what I found:

I am in love with her original shoes displayed here. The neat presentation and balance is perfect!

Minisuka_Ancafe has lots of ideas and really makes the most amazing outfits in her is the first part.

And here is the second, very ingenious and simply stunning.

Another Stardollian by the name of Shake-something has taken constructing footwear to the next level:

She has made a modern platfrom out of many of shoes; utterly outstanding.
Mind-Boggling right?
How do they do it?!

Is this the start of a new trend? All I can say is that I will be trying this soon.

Won't you?

If you have a talent why not say in the comment and you might get featured!


  1. Thanks a lot for writing about me! ^^
    Happy holidays everyone :3
    Keep up the good work!

  2. aww that's cool I am goona try it soon :)
    I like your post Jenny

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  4. I often combine dresses,skirts and shirts like Isabella. [Like the Outfit, which i wear atm].

    I'm in love with Minisuka_An_cafe shoes. They are gorgeous!

  5. bubblyminty u r a horrid elite

  6. Wow all these people have an amazing dose of talent! Lol :D

  7. omg you know the girl who did the shoes thingy? with the two shoes? i did the exact same thing in the 12 days comp! crazy huh? :O
    - xxcaoimhezoexx


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